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The Caldwell House Restaurant and Martini Bar Presents Fresh Flavors

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Lake George is one of my favorite summer destinations. After a day on the lake, I am always looking for a great place to stop for dinner. I constantly ask people where they have been for dinner, hoping to find new places. My boyfriend’s son (he’s 14!) loves the Caldwell House Restaurant and Martini Bar. He has quite the palate, so I decided to give it a try.

We entered the parking lot to find a charming log cabin. Once inside, we were tucked into a comfy booth. I decided to try the drink special, a martini made with Hendrick’s Gin, fresh basil grown on site, grapefruit juice and a splash of club soda. It was delicious and the perfect drink on a hot summer night. We were immediately served a cheese and cracker platter with a cheese spread made with cream cheese, marinara sauce, garlic and just a touch of horse radish. All I can say is “YUM!”

We began with a Chicken Liver Pate that was one of the best I have ever eaten, presented with perfectly creamy hardboiled egg, capers and red onions. It was served with a crusty French bread, but I also asked for crackers. The portion was so generous that I didn’t want to fill up on bread so I could enjoy every drop of this incredible spread. My companion ordered the crab-stuffed mushrooms. She found these to be well constructed, crisp top, soft on the inside, but a little more bready than she prefers.

I guess I was in a “fowl” mood, because I chose the Free Range Herb Roasted Chicken, a petite chicken, semi-boned, prepared brick style, butterflied and pressed flat with crispy skin and juicy interior. The sauce was a caramelized balsamic onion reduction and it had just the right amount of sweetness and acidity. It was served with glazed carrots and I selected the sweet potato soufflé. It was delightful, creamy, not too sweet, with a broiled top. My companion opted for the fresh-caught salmon. She chose to have it broiled, but could have also had it poached. She chose the two specialty sides, fresh asparagus and the potato planks loaded with melted cheese, bacon and scallions. She was glad she ordered the salmon broiled because the potatoes were so deliciously rich. I admit, I shared more than a few of them! The topping was luscious, but it thankfully didn’t mask the earthy potato flavor. Every bite of our meal proved that when fresh, quality ingredients are thoughtfully prepared, it makes such a difference.

All of the desserts, with the exception of the ice cream, are prepared in house. I ordered the Chocolate Ganache Cake. The cake was surprisingly light and not too sweet, so it complemented the rich ganache and mousse quite well. My companion’s dessert, a Deep Fried Cheese Cake Bananas Foster, was, in contrast, quite rich. It was one of those desserts four people could have shared. We had to try several bites just to fully appreciate all the nuances of this dessert.

Our server, Josh, could not have been more attentive. He was always one step ahead of our every need. There was a large party in the other room; he was so conscious of how that would impact our dining experience and his attentiveness paid off. His timing with our meal was impeccable.

Our experience at the Caldwell House hit all the marks: food, service and ambiance. I will make sure to ask my young friend for recommendations in the future! HLM

Visit Caldwell House Restaurant at 1809 US Route 9, Lake George, New York. Call 518-668-2211 for more information.



Joanne DiMarco lives most of her life living the Good Life in upstate New York.  She graduated from Paul Smith’s College with a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management.  She is currently an Associate Real Estate Broker with Select Sotheby’s International Realty and the owner of My Sales Diva.  She is known for her exceptional networking skills, fund raising and charitable works.  Check out her blog at