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Women’s Empowerment through Financial Planning

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Q: How are women’s financial needs different than men’s?
A: Women typically live longer than men, they often earn less and they take more breaks from the workplace to care for children and elderly parents. Women are also much more likely to suffer financial setbacks when they find themselves suddenly single.

Q: How do these differences actually impact women?
A: When women are paid less than men and leave the workforce for periods of time, they contribute less to retirement and have fewer funds to invest in general. In addition, despite living longer, women tend to have fewer active years in good health than men do, which means women not only need to plan for a longer retirement, they also may need to prepare for more medical and long-term care costs.

Q: Do you have an approach specific to helping women?
In a world dominated by male financial planners, I recognize the need to offer women financial planning education and insights in a down-to-earth and accessible way so they feel empowered and in control of their financial wellbeing. I work with women to help them find answers and build financial confidence regardless of their current financial situation. My goal with each client is to provide a clear path for defining their dreams, protecting themselves, rethinking their expenses and investing in their future.

Q: What are the biggest obstacles for women when it comes to
financial planning?
Although many women confidently manage their household budgets, they often do not have the same confidence planning for their long-term financial needs. For women, the main obstacles to financial planning include not feeling knowledgeable, being afraid to make mistakes, and thinking they don’t have enough money to invest. I work with women to overcome these concerns.

Q: What makes you a good resource for women?
I am dedicated to providing financial insight and inspiration to women. It is my mission to help women of all ages and income levels achieve financial independence. Whether they are changing careers, close to retirement or coming out of a devastating divorce, I understand their specific needs and I will tailor a program to help them pursue their goals.

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Written by: Gretchen Meyer

Gretchen Meyer Financial offers financial planning strategies, insight and inspiration to help women and female business owners develop and achieve their financial goals. Her down-to-earth approach to financial planning puts her clients’ minds at ease and makes the experience of working toward their financial dreams exciting. Gretchen believes with conviction that anyone can achieve their goals, no matter where they begin. She reminds every client that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” – Lao Tzu. Learn more at To schedule a free consultation, email

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