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The Vein Doctor

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At some point in their lives, more than half of the women and nearly half of the men in the U.S. will deal with the pain and suffering brought on by varicose veins. While it normally strikes in mid-life, it can appear in men and women in their 20s and 30s. Varicose veins are not just an older women’s problem, and it’s important to have them addressed as soon as symptoms occur. When varicose vein problems impact your life, refer to The Vein Doctor, Liberty, Missouri, for exceptional treatment.

Individuals who have an occupation that requires standing, such as teachers and hairdressers, or those who experience sudden weight gain or loss, such as women who are pregnant, have a strong tendency to get varicose veins. However, the leading cause of varicose veins is heredity. If both parents have experienced vein issues, an individual will have a 90 percent chance of having them as well. In fact, many times The Vein Doctor’s best referrals come from family members, as many mothers will bring in their daughters.

At The Vein Doctor, Dr. Joe Caresio and Dr. Tim Raveill perform endovenous laser surgery and microphlebectomies, the most innovative treatments available, to treat patients of varicose veins. Both are board certified interventional radiologists and have extensive medical experience with the vascular system, ultrasound and catheter-based therapies, giving them the highest level of expertise for treating vein disease.

“I enjoy treating patients for venous disease because it provides consistent relief from leg pain related to varicose veins and offers a cosmetic benefit,” remarked Dr. Caresio. Varicose veins typically protrude from the skin and are normally bluish in color; they frequently have a winding or worm-like appearance. Although cosmetically undesirable, varicose veins may cause throbbing pain and extreme discomfort, which can lead to serious problems if not corrected. In addition, varicose veins can indicate you’re at higher risk for other circulatory system disorders. Unfortunately, symptoms appear gradually and may go unnoticed for years until the discomfort drives the patient to seek treatment.

If you suspect you’re experiencing venous issues, rest assured you can get an accurate diagnosis without a monetary investment. On your first visit to The Vein Doctor, a highly trained board certified vascular technologist will perform a complimentary vein screening using ultrasound to reveal whether there’s an underlying venous disease. Next, a clinical assessment is performed to determine if your issue is a vein disease and the severity of the disease, or if it is a cosmetic issue to address. “Most importantly, we’ll listen to you and your concerns,” noted Dr.Raveill. “Together, we’ll build a realistic treatment plan to meet your expectations.”

More insurance companies are recognizing the need to cover the treatment of varicose veins. To determine your coverage, the staff at The Vein Doctor will contact your insurance company. The Vein Doctor participates with Medicare and nearly all insurance companies. If you’re concerned whether we accept your insurance plan, feel free to call our office.

The Vein Doctor was established to bring the very best minimally-invasive treatments to patients with vein disorders. This means varicose veins can be removed with minimal discomfort under local anesthesia in office. The procedure lasts about 45 minutes to an hour. Since hospitalization is unnecessary, recovery occurs immediately with patients walking out of the office and resuming normal activity the next day. The majority of procedures are performed in the office. Should your initial visit indicate a more complex problem, The Vein Doctor’s interventional radiologists see patients at Liberty Hospital.

The Vein Doctor can also help address your concerns with spider veins. Spider veins are unsightly, tiny, thin veins that are blue-green, purple or red in color. These vessels lie on the surface of the skin. Although they don’t usually cause discomfort, many patients seek treatment for cosmetic improvement.

The Vein Doctor provides the highest quality of care due to expertise, commitment and a caring attitude. The office opened in 2006 with the vision of making a difference in the quality of life for patients afflicted with vein disease. Doctors and staff have a unique passion for treating vein disease, and more than 1,500 legs with large vein disease have been treated here. The goal is to have patients leave with a smile on their face knowing that they have received the best care available.

If your painful varicose veins or unsightly spider veins are causing concern, contact the experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated doctors and staff at The Vein Doctor. You’ll be pleased with their simple, safe and effective methods of vein therapy.

For more information, visit The Vein Doctor at 2529 Glenn Hendren Drive, Suite G60, Liberty, Missouri, call 816-792-1188, or go online at Be sure to follow them on Facebook and on Twitter @TheVeinDr.