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Spotlight on Johnson County Imaging

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Healthcare leaders say that to help hold costs in line, consumers must become better educated on the prices of the services they’re receiving. This should allow patients the opportunity to compare pricing to ensure they’re getting the best deal possible. The problem is, finding numbers that are comparable from one practice or clinic to another is nearly impossible. No one posts their charges on their windows so you can compare before you walk in the door.
At least, not until now. Johnson County Imaging, 12000 West 110th Street, Overland Park, Kansas, is now showing prices for procedures on its website so that patients can review the costs and services in the comfort of their own home. It’s called Pricing Transparency.
“Patients seeking the most affordable imaging services are discovering that hospitals and their affiliated facilities are more expensive than freestanding outpatient centers. Johnson County Imaging believes being open and honest about pricing is a benefit to the customer and an important part of the health care decision process,” stated Geralyn Minshew, director of business development, Johnson County Imaging. “If you have a high deductible plan or are concerned with the cost of healthcare services, you owe it to yourself to take a look at our exam prices. Finding the highest quality at the lowest price isn’t a challenge for patients when they visit Johnson County Imaging.”
At Johnson County Imaging, cost savings are realized without compromising quality, technology or superior service for mammograms, CT scans, MRIs, X-ray services and more. On the site is a price list of the most common procedures ordered at Johnson County Imaging. If the procedure or test you require is not listed, feel free to contact a staff member to inquire about availability and pricing.
In addition, the savings can be even greater when a patient has medical insurance. “We participate with most major insurance plans and your insurance carrier may apply additional fee reductions when processing your claim, further reducing your cost,” noted Geralyn. “Prices listed may vary due to a change in procedures, add-on images, labs, or intravenous contrast, but the website will guide you in your decision-making process, and you can certainly call and talk with one of our staff members about your procedure.”
Johnson County Imaging has been serving the KC metro area since 1986. It’s a full service outpatient imaging center, owned by the 14 radiologists who practice there. Because it does not have the high overhead costs associated with hospital clinics offering the same services, patients will enjoy significant savings on quality services.
“Our radiologists have graduated from an accredited medical school, passed a licensing examination and completed a residency of at least four years of unique postgraduate medical education in radiation safety/protection, radiation effects on the human body, appropriate performance and interpretation of quality radiologic and medical imaging examinations, and other areas,” remarked Geralyn.
Many radiologists at Johnson County Imaging also complete a fellowship of one to two additional years of specialized training in a particular subspecialty of radiology. At Johnson County Imaging, fellowship-trained radiologists are found in breast, neuro and muscoskeletal areas.
Not only does Johnson County Imaging boast a high level of knowledge and experience in breast care; it is the first imaging center to offer 3D digital imaging for mammograms in the KC area. 3D imaging gives a three-dimensional view of breast tissue and helps radiologists identify and characterize individual breast structures, without the confusion of overlapping tissue, more clearly than traditional 2D digital. This form of imaging is a healthcare breakthrough for women because 3D mammography offers a 40 percent higher invasive cancer detection rate than conventional 2D mammography and a 40 percent reduction in recall rates.
“Our physicians can take a better look at the breast tissue and see issues. 3D imaging helps them better identify and characterize the breast structure, especially with dense breast tissue,” stated Geralyn. “3D mammography provides exceptionally sharp breast images to present a better chance to diagnose breast cancer earlier at more treatable stages.”
To fit their services into the busy life schedules we have, walk-in appointments are allowed at Johnson County Imaging and hours are extremely flexible. In addition, if you want to get results right away, you can wait and receive them at the end of your appointment. Johnson County Imaging has established a work structure so that the radiologist has an uninterrupted schedule to immediately read your results.
“At Johnson County Imaging, we are focused on being as patient centric as we can. We understand people have busy lives, and we try to meet their needs,” noted Geralyn. “We provide quality imaging services at good prices at times that fit your life. You do have a choice, so make it Johnson County Imaging.”
Visit Johnson County Imaging at 12000 West 110th Street, Overland Park, Kansas, the website at or call 913-469-8998.