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Natural Accents Lighting Design

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John Pletcher wants to bring homeowners out of the dark when it comes to landscape lighting. In his business, Natural Accents Lighting Design, he functions as the owner and principal designer for clients located not only in the KC metro area but also across the nation and in some international spots.

“At Natural Accents Lighting Design, we create art with light, and we have a passion for what we do, which is perfecting an outdoor environment in a way that can only be achieved with lighting,” enthused John. “I see every home as an art piece giving me the opportunity to paint with light.”

John’s impressive talent with landscape lighting is founded on his degree in environmental design and work as a landscape designer. “I discovered this passion about 18 years ago when a client asked me to help with a lighting design for her home,” he remembered. “I realized that this work is truly art and enjoyed it immensely. My wife persuaded me to follow my passion, and in 2002, I was able to open Natural Accents Lighting Design in Liberty, Missouri, focusing all my energies, attention and passion on low-voltage, energy-efficient outdoor lighting design and installation. I now share my passion for art, light and nature with my clients on a continual basis.”

John constructs his artwork by focusing on the total composition that he creates for homeowners. Rather than using traditional artistic tools, he paints with light, as he brings all elements of a home to light. “At night you lose the sense of depth, so lighting can bring out the beauty in your home by focusing on the third dimension and what we see during the day.” His passion can be found on hundreds of homes in the KC area as he perfects an outdoor environment using his medium in a way that only light can convey. From every decision made during the design process to the final adjustment of each fixture, and down the road to preventive maintenance visits, John’s team at Natural Accents Lighting Design appreciates the artistry of light.

“Every Natural Accents Lighting Design process begins with a design that implements a multitude of considerations: the style and priorities of the client, the unique characteristics of the space, the intended use and many more,” revealed John. “Our designs are thoughtful and comprehensive; they show you what to expect and allow you to communicate your needs to the lighting designer.”

To begin the process, John will ask key questions to help him help his clients determine their needs and wants. If lighting is focused on entertaining, then he’ll develop a design to answer that desire. One client may want lighting to highlight their landscape while another may be focused on a ensuring the safety of their family. However, in most cases, it’s a combination of all three. “It’s important to know the art you’re creating, and a good lighting system takes four things to create a good design,” he noted. “First, you must have a solid, well-thought-out design that meets your needs. Also, you’re going to need good equipment with strong warranties. Additionally, it takes a good installation, fitted per the manufacturer’s specifications. Finally, you must have a solid preventive maintenance system to ensure the longevity of your design. At Natural Accents Lighting Design, you have all of these.”

In addition to having an extensive design studio, John employs his own technicians to ensure the installation meets his tough standards. When the installation is completed by the technicians, John makes a final adjustment to ensure the lighting is exactly the way he and the clients envisioned.

Equally important to a lighting project is setting up a preventive maintenance schedule to ensure the longevity of the system. John recommends inspecting a client’s system (twice each year) to check systems for repairs and make adjustments. “From my perspective, I’m in a long-term relationship with my client. The equipment has a minimum of a ten-year warranty, which means my connection with the client will be a ten-year commitment,” he remarked. “If you use good equipment with a solid warranty and it’s maintained, you’re going to have this lighting artwork for a very, very long time. Lighting is truly an investment for your home, and you should buy the best you can get.”

If you’re ready to come out of the dark and develop a landscape lighting plan, talk with John at Natural Accents Lighting Design and explore your ability to paint beauty with light. “When it’s done right, lighting is art. It’s so pretty, it’s almost surreal,” he noted. “You’ll enjoy all of the beauty, aesthetics and safety lighting can bring to your home. Let me work my passion and together we’ll design a masterpiece.”

To view the Natural Accents Lighting Design gallery of artwork, visit the website at or call 816-407-1300.