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Home Care Assistance

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It would be the secret that more than likely shortened their lives. For more than five years, Lee Nyberg’s father cared for his wife, all the while insisting things were fine, desperately holding onto their denial. Her mother rejected testing for Alzheimer’s, and her father refused to discuss his need for respite care. Eventually the stress and depression took their toll and he wore himself out, dying at 71. Their secrecy was driven by the fear of leaving their home and going to a nursing home.

“When I finally discovered the situation, I searched for facilities for my parents, but my father refused to leave their home,” remembered Lee. “It was then that I discovered home care, which allowed people to remain in their homes with personal care. My business partner, Amy Harris, and I went on to open Home Care Assistance in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska, and Overland Park, Kansas, as a way to help others in similar situations.”

Home Care Assistance is the nation’s premier provider of in-home care for older adults, featuring a team of top-quality, highly trained, compassionate, thoroughly screened and insured caregivers. Clients are provided assistance with meal preparation, medication reminders, errands, transportation and housekeeping as well as offering hands-on assistance with bathing, personal care and all the activities of daily living. Home Care Assistance can perform them exceptionally well on an hourly or live-in basis.

“At Home Care Assistance, we address each case as a whole person,” remarked Lee. “Each client is assigned a care manager who will lead a team of professionals, providing care all the way through hospice, if necessary. We want to take care of people throughout the full spectrum of their home care needs.”

It’s that strong focus on professional care management that sets Home Care Assistance apart from the competition. Clients will benefit from this critical element that’s lacking in traditional home care and allows a highly-qualified team to provide your loved ones the safety and security of assisted living in the comfort of their home. “We are different from that typical home care company because of the care management. We view it as a life manager who helps clients with daily living activities many of us take for granted,” noted Lee. “Our services are available from a few hours a week to 24 hours a day, based on the needs and desires of our clients and their families. I like to think of our Care Managers s the ‘professional daughter’ who has time to go to the doctor with them, make sure they attend card parties and see the hairdresser.”
A Care Manager from Home Care Assistance works with you and your parents to develop a complete plan to address their needs. In addition, your Care Manager will train and supervise every caregiver who works with your parents. Home Care Assistance offers a highly personalized service tailored to the unique needs and preferences of each client. Whether it is short term, following a hospitalization, or a long-term lifestyle choice, the company is committed to providing clients and their loved ones independence, control, dignity and peace of mind.

The foundation of the success for Home Care Assistance is rooted in the Balanced Care Method™ that the company developed. It’s a whole-person wellness approach to long-term care that focuses on nutrition, physical and mental stimulation, social ties and a sense of purpose. All Home Care Assistance caregivers are trained to incorporate its elements into client care.

To further assist their clients, Home Care Assistance has developed its own Cognitive Therapeutics Method™, which is designed to enhance mental acuity and delay the onset and slow the progression of cognitive decline. A team of corporate neuropsychologists created a series of enjoyable and engaging activities to improve the client’s quality of life through CTM. “The program helps delay dementia or slow its progression by using a variety of fun activities, both mental and physical, that cover the five key areas of the brain. It’s a phased and graduated series of exercises, and clients really enjoy them. For those in Kansas City, the Cognitive Therapeutics Method is offered as part of ongoing home care.”

Home Care Assistance offers locations across the United States and Canada. The Kansas City location opened just last year to meet the needs of older adults who want to stay in their homes and their children who want the best for them. “We understand that you may be in the sandwich generation when you’re taking care of your children and your parents. Home Care Assistance is a good option for you because we offer the high quality of care you want your parent to have,” stated Lee. “We’re focused on providing clients the services to keep them living independently. You feel good because your parents feel good.”

Visit the website at or the office at7214 College Blvd., Overland Park, Kansas, or call 913-663-5000.