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Eye Style Optics

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“You want comfortable frames, especially when you’ve made a considerable investment in your eyewear,” noted Spencer. “We pride ourselves in adjusting frames the right way so they stay on you and offer the best possible vision experience.”

Sporting a pair of glasses can completely transform the outfit you’re wearing by adding a touch of elegance, glamour and style. To get the full benefit that adding eyewear can bring to your personal fashion statement, visit Eye Style Optics, a locally owned optical shop in The Village at Mission Farms, specializing in high quality eyewear and amazing customer service.
“We have a very large selection of eyewear from all over the world. We concentrate in carrying exclusive, independent collections, using only the best digital lenses and coatings on the market,” stated co-owner, Spencer Lowe.

Two years ago Spencer teamed with Lisa McDermott to establish Eye Style Optics with the objective of providing the friendliest, most customized and luxurious optical experience found in a retail environment for prescription glasses and other eyewear. With decades of optical experience between them, Spencer and Lisa bring the latest styles from around the world to the KC metro area, using only the best lenses and striving to make every customer their friend. “We want people to love their eyewear, see better than they’ve ever seen before and enjoy their experience when they come to pick out their eyewear,” noted Spencer.

Not only is Eye Style Optics a full-service optical shop specializing in an expansive frame selection, the shop also is keenly focused on the proper adjustments to your glasses. “You want comfortable frames, especially when you’ve made a considerable investment in your eyewear,” noted Spencer. “We pride ourselves in adjusting frames the right way so they stay on you and offer the best possible vision experience. In many of the mass market shops, the personnel turn over rapidly so there’s little consistency of service or training.”

In addition, all of the lenses at Eye Style Optics are cut by Spencer in the store rather than being sent out to corporate labs, working through huge stacks of orders. Spencer fashions the lenses exactly to customer specifications, which offers a far superior product when compared to those produced at the chain optical shops.

New lens technology and different types of frames are ever evolving, and Eye Style Optics is at the forefront of understanding and employing these changes. “We go to all the trade shows in the United States, which are held in New York and Las Vegas,” shared Spencer. “The latest stylish collections from European companies are debuted there, and you’ll find the smaller companies offering eyewear that is finely crafted by hand. But most importantly, we’ll see the innovative designs and the state-of-the-art technology that goes with them.”

All of the frames at Eye Style Optics offer the best in quality and craftsmanship. Because the quality is so extraordinary, frames won’t turn brittle and lose their vibrant colors. Metals, such as titanium, are true to their description and not a series of elements mixed together as an alloy, containing only a small percentage of the signature metal.

Spencer prides himself on offering innovations to his customers, but only until after they’re given a personal test drive. “We try new technology ourselves before putting it on our patients. At Eye Style Optics we’re constantly searching for eye care advancements that give our customers the most natural vision offering the highest level of adaptability, especially those with progressive lenses.”

Each frame featured at Eye Style Optics is personally selected by Spencer and Lisa with meeting the customers’ needs foremost in their minds. Only the best digital lenses and coatings that are available in the market are chosen. These factors and their intense focus on customer service is what differentiates their company from other optical businesses. “We help customers select their frames, and we are very honest about their choices as we guide them to the perfect frame,” noted Spencer. “We look at skin tones, eye color, facial features and more, using that information to help clients select a style and color that looks fantastic on them. At Eye Style Optics, we consider ourselves a personal stylist for our clients’ eyewear.”
, Eye Style Optics offers an amazing selection of frames priced from $200 to $1500. Many frames can be customized to meet a client’s desires and needs. The remarkable quality allows them to offer a two-year warranty on the frames’ workmanship. Lenses carry a lifetime warranty.

“We are a locally owned optical shop that cares about our customers, and we only carry quality eyewear and lenses,” remarked Spencer. “At Eye Style Optics our customers aren’t just another number. We get to know you as person and really focus on meeting your needs. We feel that the best advertising for our company is satisfied and stylish customers proudly sporting our eyewear.”
Visit the website at, the store at The Village at Mission Farms, 4050 Indian Creek Parkway, Overland Park, Kansas, or call 913 313 1207.