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Piropos in Parkville

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Sigh. I’m going to be honest here. I have an infatuation with Piropos. It is much more than a typical crush. This place has everything going for it.
If you’ve somehow let Piropos fly under your dining radar like I did, you really must get to this gem that is just slightly north of downtown Kansas City across the Broadway Bridge in the Briarcliff development.
Owners Gary and Cristina Worden opened the original Piropos in Parkville 15 years ago. The Parkville location is now used exclusively for banquet space and private parties. Regular diners can enjoy the two-story restaurant at the entrance of the Briarcliff retail development off 169 North and Briarcliff Parkway.
Prior to opening Piropos, the Wordens had no previous restaurant experience. You would never know it. They have perfected everything about the dining out experience. A visit to the Argentinean-themed Piropos reawakens your senses to what a dining excursion should really be. Upon entering on the first floor, guests can delight in a piano bar experience before or after dining upstairs. If you’ve never been there previously, be prepared to catch your breath after you climb the stairs. The high ceilings, colorful artwork and wall of windows overlooking the downtown skyline really are a sight to see.
It’s no wonder that the Wordens help countless couples celebrate special romantic occasions such as engagements, anniversaries and wedding rehearsals here. Location is everything, and there’s not a bad seat in the room. Perfect for couples or more intimate parties of four, the seating is a mix of booths and tables in a warm environment with fine linens and glassware. It is a beautiful ambiance without being pretentious or stuffy.
The real joy at Piropos, though, is the delectable food. From their most popular peppercorn steak to an abundance of seafood dishes, the food presentation, quantity and taste are top notch. Chef Jesus Almos has been with the restaurant since it opened, and creatively uses a mix of Argentinean spices to customize sauces and flavors under the direction of owner Cristina Worden, who hails from Argentina originally.
A true testament to a successful restaurant is its staff. Everyone knows that turnover rates in the restaurant world are high. Servers typically come and go from establishments to work at the next new restaurant that will guarantee them better tips. Not here. The intimate staff of approximately 40 full and part-time people at Piropos genuinely like their jobs. Their most recent server was hired three years ago. That speaks volumes about the Wordens and how they treat their staff. And also about how guests are treated by loyal employees who know the menu inside and out.
Dining at Piropos is a sophisticated event. You can pair your meal with a bountiful selection of wines from Argentina. They also bring bread to the table with three custom sauces for dipping: chimichurri, a pepper compote and a garlic aioli.