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Inside the Home of Sally Freeman

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Built in 2001, the beautiful ranch home of Sally Freeman is located in the south end of the Central Valley. Inspired by her great-grandmother, Rosa Camarillo, Sally wanted their family home to reflect her heritage. The city and county of Camarillo were named after her family, and her great-grandparents owned one of the first Spanish land grants in California. Sally grew up surrounded by Santa Barbara blues and bright colors. Her great-grandmother’s influence stuck with her as she and her husband began their build.

Most of the furniture in the home was built by her husband, and the wood beams throughout the house were salvaged from his family farm in Washington. Sally’s favorite room in the house is the kitchen. With the bright colors, patterned tiles and open space, the kitchen is where her family gathers and where she can find her daughter, Quincy, looking for a meal after a long week away from home traveling with national rodeos. ■