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Delta Tree Farm’s Plants to Inspire

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Do you ever wonder how those pots you see at the nurseries and in your neighbor’s gardens look so perfect and color coordinated? Do you wish you could effortlessly throw plants into a container, water and walk away trusting they would be just as gorgeous?

The technique is really quite simple and relies on the “thriller, filler, spiller” method.

The thriller, or centerpiece, should be big and bold. It can be something such as an ornamental grass or a colorful bloom and it’s typically taller and more ostentatious than the other plants.

Enthralling Thrillers
Calla lilies
Purple fountain grass


The fillers are just that, plants that fill the space around the thriller and should complement but not overwhelm. These extras can also be bloomers or simply have variegated foliage, depending upon the desired color scheme.

Fabulous Fillers
Dusty miller

The spillers are the plants that anchor the pot, blending the edge and spreading out on their own beyond the container’s confines. They are the ones living on the fringe, the ones planted in the small space next to the rim of the pot.

Stupendous Spillers
Golden creeping Jenny
Sweet potato vines


The perfect pot does require a bit of knowledge about which plants work well together. Of course, one needs to consider how much sun the pot will get and which plants can tolerate the same amount of sun, shade and water. As far as color goes, that should be whatever strikes your fancy. Your plantings should take advantage of the space above and around the pot by spreading in every available direction. In the end, your pot should appear pleasing in color, texture and form.

If you are not sure which plants go well together, the knowledgeable and experienced staff at Delta Tree Farm will be more than happy to guide you. The nursery stocks everything from veggies to trees and if they don’t have it right then, it’s probably on the truck headed their way for delivery the next day. They have been serving the needs of the landscaping community for the past 40+ years. With their owner-operated fleet of trucks, they have the ability to ship throughout central California and surrounding areas directly to residences, nurseries or jobsites. They pride themselves on quality, variety and plant expertise. Check their website for more information and available plants at

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