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Nicole and Mark Newman

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Friendship and trust brought Mark and Nicole Kewman together.

Mark had dated Nicole’s roommate, Stacy, and they had maintained their friendship. When Stacy was going through a tough time and needed someone to talk with, Mark was there for her. They met for drinks and conversation; after a while, Stacy pointed Nicole out across the room and said, “You’d like her; she likes country music.” Mark asked to be introduced and instantly fell for Nicole, who was sweaty from a dodgeball game and hanging out with her friends.

Mark’s proposal was in a romantic and scenic spot. “We were on a trip to Maui and were trying to find a secret beach on the Road to Hana,” he recalls. “Another couple saw us searching for the trail to the beach and pointed it out to us. We walked down to the beach and Nicole’s reaction was electric, so I knew it was where I wanted to propose. And that couple that pointed out the trail? They took a photo of my proposal and sent it to us!”

The blissful couple tied the knot April 8, 2017, at historic Camp Pollock outside Sacramento. The bride’s attendants were Teresa Knab, Jill Thornton, Maureen Croft, Kimberly Francl, Kimberly Clark and Monika Jesionek. Standing with the groom were Ben Kewman, Timothy Frantz, Dave Mason, Josh Croft, Kyle Francl and groomswoman Morgan Ragan.

“There was a storm the night before the wedding day; a tree fell and took out the power to the venue,” notes Nicole. “Of course, no one told me until I arrived for photos two hours before the ceremony! My amazing team pulled it together by moving the ceremony and getting a generator. The city utility people were there trying to fix the power lines; power came back on minutes before the ceremony and everything was perfect. Our ceremony was beautiful, with the river in the background, and it felt so much more intimate under the deck lights. Sitting at our sweetheart table, looking out at what we had created and the people who came to celebrate, was a surreal experience. We loved every moment!”

Nicole shares that planning a wedding is a lot of work. “Spreadsheets in the cloud and organizational systems are key. You can’t get behind or you’ll have a big list that is overwhelming with only a few weeks to spare. However, I had a great team of bridesmaids, family and vendors that made everything go as smoothly as possible. It was amazing seeing it in the end and it sometimes still feels like a dream.”

Nicole and Mark spent a week in Belize, an amazing vacation and honeymoon spot. ■

Bridal Gown:
Enchanted Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaids’ Gowns:

Groom’s and Groomsmen’s Tux:
J C Penney

Camp Pollock

Event Architects

Wedding Coordinator:
Event Architects

Storymix Media

Event Architects

Summer Thyme’s Bakery

Optimum Entertainment

Makeup and Hair:
Ekta Singh