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Jamie and Ross Vilinskas

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Jamie Henderson Vilinskas is marketing director at Vienna and describes herself as a Bravo aficionado and a museum junkie.

Ross Vilinskas works as a mortgage advisor at Alpine Mortgage Planning, and he’s an avid golfer and fantasy sports player.

“Ross and I met through mutual friends,” smiles Jamie. “We had separately gone out to the farmers’ market and ended up hanging out at Last Call, where he stole my phone. It’s not the most romantic back story, but it’s worked for us!”

Ross caught Jamie a bit unprepared for his proposal. “Ross proposed while I was in the kitchen making blueberry cobbler,” Jamie laughs. “It was very unexpected–not the proposal in general, but how he did it. I was making a blueberry cobbler in my pajamas and he had just gotten home from running errands. While all this was happening, we had a repair man in our bathroom repainting, and Ross’ friend was on his way over to watch a golf tournament. I can’t say I expected a proposal at all that morning!”

The blissful couple tied the knot June 12, 2015, at the Sacramento Courthouse and then walked to Cesar Chavez Park with their immediate family for the vow exchange ceremony. Emily Hill served as Maid of Honor and A. J. Hohn was Best Man.

“We had already planned on getting married in 2016, and I was five months pregnant at the time,” shares Jamie. “We moved our wedding day up to 2015 and decided to have our reception on our one-year anniversary. We enjoyed our intimate wedding and then were able to have a fun celebration a year later.”
The reception at the Ryde Hotel on June 11, 2016, was an opportunity for Jamie and Ross to fully celebrate their young family with their loved ones, with adorable baby June in attendance. “We’re not an especially sentimental couple, so our primary objective was to bring together all of the people who mean the most to us and just have fun,” Jamie notes.

Since the Ryde Hotel has a colorful history as a 1920s speakeasy, guests were encouraged to dress in their finest Roaring Twenties fashions. The groom, best man and officiant entered to the sound of the Beastie Boys’ “Paul Revere,” followed by the bride’s and groom’s families and the maid of honor to the strains of “Forever Be” by Kelis. The bride was escorted down the aisle by her father to Queen’s “Wedding March.” Following the brief ceremony, during which the officiant, in mock confusion, realized that the couple was already married and abbreviated the event, family and friends enjoyed celebrating with Jamie and Ross.

Jamie and Ross have postponed their honeymoon plans until baby June is a little bit older and they are able to leave her for a longer period of time. ■