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Smoked Baby Back Ribs with Mydingr’s Bar-B-Que Shake and Sweet & Spicy Bar-B-Que Sauce

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Start by pulling the back of the membrane off the rack of baby back ribs. Season generously with Mydingr’s Bar-B-Que Shake and smoke for three to three and a half hours. About 30 minutes before pulling from the grill, brush Mydingr’s Sweet & Spicy Bar-B-Que Sauce on top of the rack. 

What’s the trick for knowing when they are ready? The rib meat will pull back on the bone and the rack will hang down toward the ground when you pick it up with tongs. Cut ribs and serve with extra barbecue sauce.

Chef Lauren O’Leary
Mydingrs BBQ Products
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Joseph Magnelli

Written by: Lauren Rose,, @Laurenrosecooks