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Yes, You Can, with Lance McHan, Realtor®!

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With ten years in the appraisal industry and 18 years in real estate under his belt, Lance McHan knows his stuff. He also owns rental property and has managed properties.

“I have always loved real estate. I learned early on that it was the way people developed wealth,” he explained. “All I would think about when I was installing satellite dishes in my late 20s was how was I going to get a rental. Then I became an appraiser in the 2000s until the market crashed. I got out of the industry and did property management for some time and then a broker friend of mine asked me, ‘Why don’t you get your license?’ I said, ‘No, thank you, I have been on the other side and I think Realtors® are like used car salesmen.’ He said I was messed up and then said, ‘Hey, you can change people’s perspective one client at a time.’ My reply then was, ‘You got me there,’ and I got my license.”

Philosophy of Success Ensures Success
His personality and honesty have helped him do just that, one client at a time. He advises anyone who contacts a real estate agent to find one who is knowledgeable and in the market. Many times, agents sell only a few homes each year, and he wants people to think about this: would you want your lawyer defending you if they only went to trial once a year?

“It’s not that they cannot be amazing; it just means you need to ask more questions,” he suggested. “Most people think that when they get a 3.75 to 4.25 rate they have a great deal on a mortgage, not realizing that the effective interest paid on a 30-year mortgage fixed at 4 percent is closer to 75 percent, and if you factor in that most people only live in their home for seven to nine years, your effective rate is more like 90 percent.” He reiterated that total interest impacts you the most, not your interest rate.

It is advice like this that Lance hangs his hat on. He has a very disciplined approach to not only his business, but his life. He decided to follow a passion he has had since he was young, and that is to realize where you are in life and examine the goals you have accomplished. 

Drive to Achieve
One of his goals was to have a six-pack! “Very recently, I had that now-or-never moment concerning my goal of attaining a six-pack. I realized that I had to do it immediately and placed it on my bucket list,” he smiled. “I took the plunge! I started weight lifting with a purpose and soon a resemblance of a form of a six-pack started to emerge. It was at this point that my trainer challenged my purpose and ability.”

Lance competed in a body-building competition, taking first place in his age group and fifth place in open/novice group. The regimen he has adopted in diet and exercise mirrors his passion for his clients. “The success I achieved in earning my six-pack and competing in body-builder competitions highlights two important traits. First is a dedication to a goal; second, I have a relentless strive for attaining it. My success as a Realtor also mirrors these traits. First, I always provide a determined effort for my client’s goal; I am always fighting for them. Second, I remain committed to completing the deal, no matter how difficult it becomes,” he continued. “The biggest lesson I learned in achieving a lifetime goal is that I can; and yes, you can with Lance McHan.”

 Proving a Track Record
“I appreciate your giving me the opportunity to learn more about me as a person. It is my hope that you view me not only as a successful Realtor, but also as someone who has improved from the challenges I have encountered. I am eager to apply my knowledge, skills and experience to produce effective results for your real estate needs.”

Lance lives in Stockton and is married to Anna. His children are Harrison, 17, and Jordyn, 13. In addition to body building, he enjoys reading. Two of his favorites are Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie.

For more information, visit He is located at Keller Williams, 115 S. School St., Suite 11, Lodi, California. Call him at 209-986-9292.