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Women’s Health Takes Center Stage at Doctors Hospital of Manteca

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Serving the residents of the Central Valley since 1962, Doctors Hospital of Manteca provides patients access to a broad range of advanced healthcare services that are designed to enhance and elevate the lives of patients. Because breast cancer is one of the most common cancers among women, the importance of breast health continues to take center stage at Doctors Hospital of Manteca. 

The Women’s Imaging Center at DHM provides patients with access to state-of-the-art technology and personalized patient care with a dedicated Nurse Navigator. Nationally recognized as a Certified Quality Breast Center of Excellence in the National Quality Measures for Breast Centers Program, the Women’s Imaging Center at Doctors Hospital of Manteca is one of four facilities in the state of California that holds this accreditation. 

The mission of the Women’s Imaging Center is to provide a continuum of services under one roof, and easy accessibility by patients and professionals throughout the area. The philosophy behind this mission is to shorten the wait time from detection of a lump or an abnormal mammogram to a diagnosis within five working days, therefore alleviating undue stress and anxiety for the patient.

This team of passionate medical professionals works together to help patients with a wide variety of healthcare needs. With the month of October dedicated to bringing awareness to breast cancer, the Women’s Imaging Center at Doctors Hospital of Manteca wants community members to know they have convenient access to experienced breast health professionals and advanced technology right in their backyard.

The Importance of Breast Health
Now more than ever, women have a greater chance of survival after a breast cancer diagnosis; however, early detection continues to be a major component of a successful outcome. With nearly one in eight women at risk for developing breast cancer, raising awareness and encouraging women to receive their routine mammograms starting at age 40 are vital for prevention. With early detection, eight out of eight women have a chance to fight it. Through the Women’s Imaging Center, patients can receive a wide range of comprehensive services including breast screening mammography, diagnostic mammography and three types of biopsies: ultrasound, stereotactic and MRI. The team at the Women’s Imaging Center at Doctors Hospital of Manteca, the majority of whom are female, is dedicated to bringing awareness to breast healthcare. 

The Role of a Nurse Navigator
Doctors Hospital of Manteca is committed to providing patients with the support they need from their initial appointment and beyond. Rosa Reyes, RN, BSN, CN-BN, Breast Health Program Coordinator and Certified Nurse Navigator at Doctors Hospital of Manteca, is often the first person a patient will speak with after a referral from a physician. “If an issue is detected in a mammogram and a biopsy is needed, I reach out to the patient to offer support,” shared Rosa. “Often, patients are scared, worried and concerned about what comes next. My role is to help patients with whatever they need. Whether it’s a shoulder to cry on, or to help them understand the next steps to providing any information they need, my role is to just be there for them.”

Rosa’s responsibility as a Nurse Navigator is to guide patients through the complex cancer care system while offering individualized care with a proactive approach to ensure patients are cared for and comfortable with the next steps. A diagnosis of breast cancer often coincides with a wide range of emotions for both the patient and loved ones. 

The concept behind Rosa’s position is to have someone present for patients who need reassurance during a stressful time. “I am with the patient during a biopsy procedure, and once we have a better idea of the next steps I will work from there. If the results are positive I will reach out to offer support and guidance. I can go to see the breast surgeon with patients, which is often scary and overwhelming. My goal is to be there to help reinforce what the doctors said and to provide comfort. It really is important to me to be there for patients,” she added. Rosa also helps with navigating through appointments and paperwork and works closely with family members to keep them involved and informed. In addition to providing support to patients, Rosa coordinates a breast cancer support group that is held monthly. “Patients can come to our support group for friendship, for help, for hugs and to be heard.” 

Comprehensive Treatment Services
October’s breast cancer emphasis is a chance to bring awareness to women’s health and to encourage both women and men to ask their doctor about the benefits of screening for breast cancer and the importance of early detection. 

Doctors Hospital of Manteca is proud to provide patients with access to the latest in medicine through the Women’s Imaging Center. Their team is devoted to improving the care patients receive before and after a breast cancer diagnosis. From state-of-the-art imaging technology to personalized care through a dedicated Nurse Navigator, Doctors Hospital of Manteca continues to make women’s health a priority for patients in the Central Valley.

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