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We Paint: Professional, Reliable and Trustworthy from Start to Finish!

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After years of working in the construction and painting industries, Jason Gonzalez grew tired of the lack of professionalism he was witnessing throughout the industry. Inspired to give customers a better experience and, quite frankly, a better result, Jason took a leap and started his own painting business, We Paint. Jason started small with three employees, focusing on residential jobs and over the last 16 years the company has grown to 30 employees. We Paint is a full-service painting contractor based in Stockton serving clients throughout the Central Valley. 

Jason attributes the growth and success of We Paint to the support of his family and his employees. “My family is my biggest support,” he shared. “They are always patient and understanding of the time I put into the business or a customer service call I take in the middle of a family vacation!” Jason continued with a laugh. “As a company, we take pride in our work and we truly care about our customers.” 

Primary Values
Customer service is the key component that We Paint was built upon. Being professional, reliable and trustworthy are the values of the company. In addition to job training, the employees of We Paint are trained in customer service. “Shaking hands, walking over the job site with the customer and leaving the property cleaner than when they found it are important pieces of customer service that we focus on here at We Paint. My team is everything to me. They are the reason we continue to grow!” Jason said proudly. Within the 30 employees of We Paint are two of the original employees and ten employees who have been with Jason for over eight years. Three father-son teams and a father-and-son-in-law team are part of this group that Jason boasts about. Family is truly important to Jason and it’s the foundation of his company. 

The values of the company are also carried over into other parts of his life. For 20 years, Jason has coached competitive soccer teams in Stockton and has also been the head coach for the boys’ varsity and junior varsity teams at Lincoln High School for the last seven years. He encourages his athletes to be accountable, always give their best on the field and to have integrity. Many of his former athletes work for We Paint over the summer when they return home from college. Last summer, he had 11 college students working for him.

Family Focus
Jason and his wife, Michelle, both grew up and currently reside in Stockton. Jason attended Lincoln High School and Michelle went to St. Mary’s. They have been married for 22 years and have three children, Brandon, Andrew and Kathryn. Jason is coaching his daughter’s competitive Under 14 Soccer team. When asked how coaching the girls differs from his experience coaching boys, Jason laughed and replied, “Well, the girls definitely give me a lot of opinions, but, honestly, they are better listeners!”

Plans for growth and expansion are in the future for We Paint. While they continue to focus on residential jobs, commercial opportunities have presented themselves and Jason and his team have been excited to tackle those projects as well. Expansion into Manteca and Galt is a focus for Jason and his team. “Word of mouth and customer referrals are so important to our business; as we target a larger footprint, we find our customer referrals really help lead the way!” he explained.

A New Outlook
Growth into smaller remodel projects may be on the horizon for the company. “I continue to see customer neglect and overall dissatisfaction; this is why I started We Paint to begin with,” Jason shared. “I saw a need in the market and I wanted to fill it.” 

From the sidelines of the soccer field to the job sites of his company, We Paint, Jason instills a sense of pride in those around him. He encourages his athletes and his employees to take pride in their work, be on time and always give their best.

For more information on We Paint, please visit or call (209) 937-2468.