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Tio Pepe’s: A Delicious Staple in Stockton

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Mi amor!

That is what diners think when they sit down to eat at Tio Pepe’s. All food is prepared fresh daily by the head chef, Miguel, and dedicated kitchen staff. To whet your appetite, imagine the Camarones Borrachos, or drunken shrimp, with tequila and chipotle.

On a warm day, the chicken breast salad with avocado or the taco salad in a flour shell hits the spot. Tio Pepe’s also serves asada tacos, steak or chicken and fish tacos with lime crema, which are equally delicious. They also offer steak, chicken and shrimp or combo fajitas, cooked to order The Tio Pepe’s special has a little of everything.

Is your mouth watering? Of course it is! Now for the good stuff, the philosophy of the owner and staff. “After reviewing locations for three years, the restaurant reopened June 19, 2014, in Lincoln Center,” noted Sheri Riley, owner. “I am very happy to be part of such an amazing group of merchants who strive to give the best of themselves to their patrons. We support each other on a day-to-day basis, building relationships that only strengthen and enrich each and every one of us as business owners.”  

New Life in Lincoln Center
Tio Pepe’s the Original has been a staple of Stockton for years. It has continued to serve the people of Stockton and surrounding areas, offering delicious Mexican food served in a lovely welcoming setting. “I am a firm believer that attitude reflects leadership and strive to treat my staff with courtesy and respect,” Sheri added. “I strive to instill a can-do teamwork attitude that will spill over in their customer service skills, creating a pleasant dining experience.”  

She continues to provide even better service to patrons, and two years ago added a full bar. Sheri worked closely with the construction personnel and the cabinet designer to ensure a warm Spanish feel. The following year she created the outdoor dining space to complement the indoor space with Spanish-style wrought iron.

“Our bar manager, Matt Wolfe, came to us from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. His portfolio was well versed in over 200 tequilas and was just what I was looking for!” she exclaimed. “All of Matt’s mixes are made fresh and from scratch. I am proud to serve 100 percent agave tequila in my well. We take pride in offering fresh-made cocktails to pair with our array of flavorful dishes.”

Her assistant manager, Erica Villalobos, has been with Tio Pepe’s the Original for over 16 years. Her professionalism and experience enable her to manage the floor staff with ease to ensure customers enjoy themselves. 

Sheri noted that Christmas in Lincoln Center is a wonderful time, with train rides, snow village, hot chocolate and Santa Claus. She invites visitors to spend family time while dining out and shopping at one of the numerous merchants and enjoy live music played throughout the center. 

Share Your Blessings
“I believe if you are blessed enough to have a career you are successful in and a roof over your head, you should give back to the community that supports you. I am passionate about giving back, be it through donation requests, gift certificates or sponsorships,” she embellished. “I am a proud supporter of the Animal Protection League, Cool Cats Barking Dogs annual event in Stockton, Stockton Animal Shelter and Theodora’s Build a Bra event to fight cancer. I was blessed this year to have the opportunity to support the United Cerebral Palsy annual fundraiser and would love the opportunity to expand on this moving forward.”

Sheri is one of the Ladies of Lincoln Center women featured in the August 2019 issue of HERLIFE. She has a definite goal in everything she does and understands there are many aspects to running a business, so many hats to wear on a daily basis, including business management, employee relations, customer service, finances and nurturing merchant and vendor relationships. She consistently strives for balance in these areas. “This gives me a sense of calm, which only enhances my ability to work with such an amazing team, giving our best to meet the needs of our customers. I describe my job as an air traffic controller and each area of business as a plane that is circling and needs to land in a timely, safe and professional manner,” she reiterated. 

Supporting the Red Line
Another cause close to her heart is the local fire department. Her brother, James Riley, is a firefighter with the Stockton Fire Department, Truck 2. As a proud sister, she flies the black-and-white flag with a red line, called the Thin Red Line flag, which represents all firefighters. She also supports the blue line, the Stockton Police Department.

Suffice it to say, a visit to Tio Pepe’s will not only fill the tummy but enrich the soul. Sheri invites, “Blessings to all, hope to see you soon!”

Tio Pepe’s is located at 329 Lincoln Center, Stockton. Call them at 209-957-6431.

“Some lessons I have learned, along with words of hope, wisdom and encouragement, have helped me rise up to life’s challenges,” Sheri shared.
• We are all replaceable; to be successful, it takes a village.
• If you are given the opportunity to help, do so; in helping others you help yourself.

• Be humble and kind; you catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
• Never give up, never surrender and always let your light shine through!