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Theadora Boutique: Finding a Niche with the Right Fit!

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A year after Jackie Kromm purchased Theadora Boutique in Lincoln Center, she began to see a need in the community that would eventually become a much-needed resource for women in the Central Valley. “What resources are available in town?” she asked herself, referring to prosthetics for women who have undergone surgical removal of their breasts, most often after a diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer. “Whether they have had a bilateral or single mastectomy, I have the products and training to help women along this path,” Jackie said proudly. 

After some research, Jackie learned that the resources available in the Central Valley were lacking and she knew in her heart that she wanted to help fill this need. She began her training toward certification and remodeled part of her store to allow for a private fitting area. “I was still fairly new to California and I reached out to a client to help connect me in the medical community. I wanted to introduce myself and let the medical community know that I could be a resource for their patients’ post-surgical needs,” she recounted. “For so many women, they don’t know where to start and often it depends on the circle of care.”  

Knowing the Fit
Jackie’s training toward certification was long and arduous. She had been a bra fitter for 18 years and leaned on her experience to grow her knowledge and skills. Jackie has been certified in prosthetics for four years now and she’s continually growing her knowledge and business in this field. “I see patients almost every day now,” commented Jackie. “The services I can provide for women after surgery contribute to the healing process,” she said with confidence. “I see tears of joy and tears of sadness. Everyone has a different story, but the common denominator that continues to touch me deeply is the courage and stamina that these women have,” Jackie shared proudly. 

“The products continue to improve. I see forms and bras evolving year after year and I am committed to bringing my patients the best the market has to offer,” Jackie articulated. “I encourage women to investigate and research products available,” she continued. Jackie explained the importance of coming in for fit checks and new forms. “I see patients sometimes who have had the same forms for five years or longer,” she stated. 

Get Your Mammogram!
For the last decade, HERLIFE Magazine has celebrated Pink October by featuring breast cancer survivors, medical professionals and community advocates on the cover. We strive to share the stories of survival and strength while continually informing the community of resources available, from Nurse Navigators, nonprofits assisting survivors or resources such as those Jackie provides at Theadora Boutique. We take pride in our message and celebrate Pink October proudly. 

Jackie encourages women to get mammograms early and to speak candidly with their physicians regarding family history. “Typically, the baseline for mammograms is age 40. However, I continue to see women in their 30s who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. We need to come together as a community of women and encourage our friends, daughters and relatives to understand their risk and advocate for an improved standard of healthcare,” Jackie confirmed. “I am beyond grateful to walk this path with my patients. I take pride in my skills as a fitter and the products I offer.”