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The Meidinger Family: Tickling Taste Buds for Generations!

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Great taste and family dedication have been the driving force for Don and Vickie Meidinger since 1997. That is when they opened their catering business, which is known for tasty and tender meats that are smoked to perfection. They have been catering with their sauces and dry rubs privately to customers throughout northern California, and now by request from friends and family, these zesty blends are being offered in local markets for your family to enjoy in your own home! 

Mydingr’s Savory Sauces
Don explained that the entire family works together to create the recipes and barbecue sauces they sell. He retired from the San Joaquin County Mosquito and Vector Control after 40 years of service before embarking on this new career. “We have won several barbecue and chili competitions with our own recipes,” he noted. “I think the Sweet & Spicy barbecue sauce is our biggest seller. Kids love it! And the Boar, Buck and Duck sauce for wild game is a new one.”

Boar, Buck and Duck along with Mydingr’s Taco Seasoning are their two new products, and Don and Vickie are in the process of producing a Lemon Pepper Marinade and a Beef Marinade that they have used for over 20 years in their catering business.

Find Flavor Throughout the Valley
“At present, Mydingr’s products can be purchased at many locations in our area. Payless IGA Markets, Outdoor Sportsman and Rinaldi’s Market are several large stores who have also expressed an interest in featuring pre seasoned and marinated meats with Mydingr’s products.” Don continued.

When he’s not creating delicious food, he enjoys spending time fishing, gardening and playing with their grandson, Rowdy. “It’s fun meeting people and getting them to try our sauces,” Don smiled. “I enjoy the challenge of making something successful; that’s fun!”

Do your palate a favor and find your favorite Mydingr’s sauce, rub or seasoning today. Enjoy the flavor and feel the love!

Visit to purchase products online or call them at 209-810-6214.

Find Mydingr’s sauces, rubs and seasonings at these locations:
Ace Hardware, Cooperopolis
Angels Food Market, Angels Camp
Clements Ridge, Clements
Clements Country Market, Clements
Cost Less, Jackson
Fagundes Meats, Manteca
Fiori’s Butcher Shoppe & Deli, Lodi
Fisherman’s Friend, Lodi
Habanero Hots, Lodi
Jesse’s Grove Winery, Lodi
Lakewood Meats, Lodi
Lees’ Feed, Lockeford
Louie’s Market, Stockton
Mar-Val Food Stores, Valley Springs
No Limits Sports Nutrition, Lodi
Oak Ridge Winery, Lodi
Orlando’s Market, Linden
Outdoor Sportsman, Stockton
Rinaldi’s Market, Linden
Robinson’s Feed, Lodi
Robinson’s Feed, Lockeford
Young’s Payless Market, Lockeford
Young’s Market, Cooperopolis
Young’s Market, Pioneer
The Fruit Bowl, Waterloo