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The Ladies of Lincoln Center on What it Means to be a Woman in Business

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“As a stylist, I find great pleasure in being able to help my clients feel amazing about themselves. As a business owner, I take pride in making the salon experience one that the client will enjoy. I also like to be there for my stylists for support and encouragement, whether it’s personal or professional. My goal as a business owner is to help others succeed in their own business ventures.”
Denise Speetzen, Salon Michelle

“Having grown up in Lincoln Village West, Lincoln Center was home. Being a woman business owner was nothing special to me. My grandmother started this family business so I was totally unaware that it was anything special. I just knew SHE WAS! Credit Miriam Gluskin for the forward thinking over 70 years ago. I’m proud to have followed in her footsteps, and proud to have opened Best Wishes 30 years ago this October!”
Julie Van Noate, Best Wishes

“I am not certain how to quantify or qualify being a successful business woman. I do, however, think I am fulfilling my purpose in this life. That to me is profound. It is my belief that once you figure this out and align with what you are meant to do, all of your limiting thoughts break bonds, former boundaries dissolve, and you become an infinity of force, destined for greatness. I am eternally grateful for the women who have come before me and inspired my journey, which has allowed me to traverse my own path that they initially had pioneered. I have been tremendously blessed with two incredible parents who instilled in me the pillars of faith, honesty, integrity and a strong work ethic. For me, success is in our vision statement: 1. Solve problems; 2. Do what’s right – always. 3. Take care of our people. There are no shortcuts in life.”
Katie Lindell, Edward Jones

“I am a goal-oriented person, so setting and achieving my goals always translates to success for me But as I enter the twilight of my career, it now means mentoring and giving back to my community. I love that I can not only help people connect to their lives by providing better hearing, but also share a supportive work environment for two additional women in my office. I also get the opportunity to coach young Stocktonians through the First Tee of SJ youth golf program. There, I can mentor young women just beginning to discover their strengths.”
Debbie Bond, American Hearing Aids

“Being a successful business woman means that I speak up (even when it’s outside my comfort zone), I work just as hard and alongside my employees, and I regularly verbalize the appreciation I have for them. Becoming a successful business woman is not for the faint of heart. We are all hard working, driven, confident, smart, strong and passionate!”
Jennifer Pappas, Papapavlo’s

“For me, being a successful business woman means being passionate, hardworking and grateful. Celebrating our community, making connections for our clients, and developing relationships bring me great joy. And that, to me, equals success.”
Carrie Sass, SASS! Public Relations, Inc.