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The Gypsy Bistro: Mastering the Art of Cowboy Cuisine

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Two women after my heart are Lisa Freeman and Jamie Freeman, who create what they call “rustic cowboy cuisine” at the hidden gem in Lockeford, California, known as the Gypsy Bistro. 

I have been hesitant to feature the Gypsy Bistro because it is in fact my favorite place to go. Sharing my favorite spot has always been a hesitation, as I worry about being able to get a table on a bustling Friday night after everyone figures out just how great this place is. 

After working for NASCAR for 16 years creating hearty, rustic and dynamic dishes for the boys on the race teams, catering all over the country, developing a successful food truck, managing restaurants and bars and hosting televised cooking shows, this duo has the level of experience that provides the ingredients for a spectacular dining experience. Their rustic cowboy cuisine consists of rib-sticking, masculine-feeling food that will leave you feeling like you’re on the ranch hanging with the boys in their chaps and spurs after a long afternoon branding calves. On the menu, among other items, are big, beefy steaks, lamb chops, brisket, barbecue chicken, macaroni and cheese, shrimp and grits (Kimberly Mullen’s favorite), burgers, veal chops and classics such as pastas, scampi and even eggplant parmesan! 

Many of the side-dish pairings are seasonally based depending on what our Central Valley farmers have fresh in stock. And because of the ladies’ down-home Linden roots, they have access to some of the freshest and best ingredients around. They definitely put it all to great use in their quaint restaurant located in the old Vino Piazza at 12562 Locke Road. Serving dinner Thursday, Friday, Saturday and brunch on Sunday, Gypsy Bistro is a great spot for a romantic, private and outskirts getaway-style date night. Gypsy Bistro also offers catering for parties and events and has plenty of outdoor space to host an event or private dinner at the restaurant. Saddle up and head out this Saturday night for a great summer night dinner and I’m sure I will see you there.

The Gypsy Bistro
12562 Locke Rd  |  Lockeford