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Suncrest Bank: Serving the Local Small Business Community with Pride

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The name Suncrest Bank may not be familiar, but for the people who work there, it’s business as usual serving the small business community in Lodi and throughout the San Joaquin Valley. In May 2018, Suncrest Bank acquired Community Business Bank, which was founded in 2005 and has been at its present location on West Kettleman Lane since 2006. 

Community Business Bank was a community bank with a strong business model tied to serving local communities, and the acquisition was a good fit. Both banks were founded shortly before the Great Recession, and both were successful in coming through the recession by maintaining their commitment to local economies and service of the community. Today, as part of the Suncrest Bank family, leadership and staff continue to focus on the needs of small business and consumers locally while drawing upon the resources, expertise and culture of a larger organization.

Focus: Local
Melissa Estrada, Suncrest Bank commercial banking manager, along with most of the staff in the Lodi office, grew up in Lodi and the surrounding areas. “A year ago, I decided I wanted to work closer to home; if I was going to do that, I needed to work for a company that cared as much about my community as I do. Suncrest Bank was the perfect choice to develop my career and its mission statement, We’re the Bank Where Local Matters, confirmed it,” she noted. “The rest of our staff has the same admiration for our charming town and the people within it. Our customers and future customers make it a joy to come to work each day.”

Lydia Lerma, customer service manager, also local, has worked in this office for 14 years. She knows everyone who walks through the doors. “She knows their children’s names, grandchildren’s names and dog’s name. She knows her customers because to her they are her family,” Melissa continued. “Scott Meyer, deputy chief credit officer, is also from Lodi and has also been here 14 years. To many of our customers, Scott is the face of the Lodi office. It is not uncommon for customers to stop by just to say hello to him. He sits on the board of several organizations in Lodi because this community matters deeply to him.”

Focus: Excellence
Suncrest Bank’s core belief that Local Matters is based on three key components. First is being the best to work for by taking care of employees who live and work in the communities they serve. Next, leadership focuses on being the best to work with by providing the best banking experience for customers and partners who are creating opportunities in our communities. The final component is being the best to invest in by creating value for shareholders who mirror their view that local success drives local growth. 

“Thanks to the merger, we are able to offer some new and innovative products and services. We now offer a competitive checking and savings product, Kasasa, that provides unique rewards for our customers. It’s kind of a silly name, but hopefully that makes it stand out and you’ll remember it the next time you call, visit or read about it here in HERLIFE Magazine!” she smiled. “Also, we’ve been able to bring on board a standout merchant services provider that’s saving our customers processing fees every month, plus adding some cool benefits on top of traditional products. For instance, through the merchant client portal, clients have access to invoicing, ecommerce and split billing assistance, mobile and other POS solutions, gift cards, loyalty programs and more”. 

Recently, American Banker Magazine ranked Suncrest Bank as the largest Agricultural Community Bank (under $1B) in the state of California and 32nd in the United States. This makes them uniquely qualified to support agribusinesses of all types and sizes.

Focus: Loyalty
Before joining the Suncrest family, Melissa spent 17 years at a company she enjoyed. This has been a leap of faith for her. “My career history shows I value loyalty; loyalty to the company I work for, the amazing people I work with and the customers I am so blessed to have,” she reiterated. She believes their senior leadership empowers everyone to demonstrate this loyalty to customers in the products offered and the service provided.

Melissa also understands financial services might not be the most exciting topic for many folks, but everyone deals with money in some way every day. “In our line of work, if we can help our clients save a few dollars, earn a little extra in interest and make their communities a healthier, happier place to live, we know we’ve succeeded in improving lives. That’s why we all enjoy our jobs as much as we do!” she explained. “At Suncrest Bank, we are building healthy local economies one business, one family, one individual at a time.”

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