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Skin Solutions by Ashley: A Passion for Personalized Skin Care

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As a teenager growing up in Lodi, Ashley Rotner discovered her calling as a young woman when she began searching for a solution to her acne. She tried just about everything to combat the chronic painful and unsightly skin condition.

“I suffered from terrible acne for years. It was so frustrating,” she said. “I tried everything from topical Retin-A and oral antibiotics to homemade face masks and scrubs made of honey, tea tree oil and lemon. Nothing seemed to work.”

But her experience led to a deeper understanding of skincare and an emerging desire to help others maintain healthy, beautiful skin at every age. She had found her calling; Ashley decided to pursue a career as an esthetician.

Finding Her Business Niche
Upon completing the Paul Mitchell Skin Academy in 2013 and becoming licensed, Ashley continued to immerse herself in additional classes specializing in cosmeceutical ingredients, skin biology and advanced treatment training. She started her business, Skin Solutions, in 2015.

“Learning and acquiring specialized information and skills have allowed me to offer expertise about various skin types,” she explained. “I continue to pursue advanced training and knowledge within the esthetics industry so I can share progressive, advanced and creative services with my clients.” 

Ashley provides skincare services to clients with a variety of skin types, young, mature and somewhere in between, all with one thing in common: they desire healthy, beautiful skin. At Skin Solutions, she focuses on personalized treatments with in-depth analysis and education. She believes it is important to spend quality time with each client. Prior to a client’s first treatment, she conducts a thorough consultation with questions about their skin and lifestyle. She makes it a point to listen, care, and respond to individual needs, sharing a treatment plan that she feels is in their best interest. “My goal is for all of my clients to leave not only looking good, but feeling special,” she shared.

Holistic Treatment
As an esthetician, she takes a holistic approach to skincare. “I believe in treating the client as a whole person, not just the symptoms of their skin,” Ashley explained. “Beautiful, radiant skin can only be achieved through a healthy body, mind and lifestyle.”

Ashley believes that what is applied to skin is absorbed into the body. She chooses to use only the purest and finest-quality products that penetrate deep into the skin’s layers to effect real change with lasting results. She uses the CosMedix® skincare line.

“What I love about CosMedix is the technology and science behind each and every product. Too many times, I have tried all-natural products, which, while they were safe and clean, didn’t do a thing for my skin. Or, I would go for treatments full of harsh chemicals that just irritated and further dried my skin out. CosMedix is a hybrid,” she explained. “They use natural, plant-derived ingredients and essential oils, incorporating scientific formulations and ingredients that boost effectiveness while delivering incredible results.”

Social and Sharing
Today, Ashley has a thriving business. She credits social media as a huge asset for the growth of her business, where she openly shares her knowledge and expertise about skin problems and solutions that work. But the real key to her success is due to referrals from a happy clientele. The combination of sharing knowledge with her target audience and having wonderful clients is the foundation of her success.

With so much competition in the beauty industry, it was especially difficult building a customer base during the first few years of business. There were plenty of times she would only have one or two clients a day. “Occasionally, I would question what I was doing. It took perseverance and patience to grow my business. When clients saw results, they shared their satisfaction with others and my business began to grow,” she said. “I believe my passion about skin care and my ability to help others through my knowledge and experience has truly led me to where I am today and will continue to lead my business forward.

“I am beyond blessed to have such amazing, loyal clients, many who have been with me since the beginning,” she proudly shared. “It’s what I envisioned when I first started, and now it’s a reality.”

For more information and to book your appointment with Ashley, visit and instagram @skinsolutionslodi or call 209-603-0003.