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Shannon Stallings: A Real Estate Professional with Vision

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The first time I met Shannon Stallings, she was running in heels across a parking lot in Downtown Lodi. Our mutual friend called out her name and she spun around with a bright smile on her face and excitement in her voice. She was off to meet a client who had just called about a listing, but she stopped in her rush and made me feel as though meeting me was a priority. I remember the details of our first encounter; her energy, positive attitude and overall zest for life were infectious. After working with her professionally and watching her approach to real estate, I am still in awe of her passion for helping others and determination when searching for the
perfect property. 

The Right Fit
Currently working as a Realtor for Keller Williams in Lodi, Shannon has been in real estate for ten years. She had previously worked in the medical industry and was looking for a change. Encouraged by a friend, Shannon took a leap into the real estate industry. “The flexibility and opportunity to build a life by design was appealing to me,” Shannon explained with a smile. “I didn’t know exactly what to expect and I haven’t looked back since!” 

Working with clients in Northern California, Shannon has experience working with first-time buyers, couples downsizing as they head into retirement, vacation and investment properties. “I enjoy being a part of this process. Adding value to my clients’ lives through home ownership is a gift and responsibility,” continued Shannon. “Watching some of my first-time buyers work toward a goal of homeownership after being turned down in the beginning is rewarding. To witness them signing final papers and handing over the keys brings joy to my life,” she said proudly. 

Historic Choice
Shannon and her husband, Mike Stallings, had their own venture in an investment property early this year when they bought, remodeled and sold Little Miss Daisy, a small, neglected house on Daisy Avenue in Lodi. Mike has 30 years of experience in finish carpentry and Shannon had the determination to find the perfect opportunity for their first flip. With Shannon’s dogged determination and vision, she convinced Mike of the potential of this diamond in the rough. “The place was a dump,” Mike laughed as he described the transformation of the three-bedroom, one-bath home. “We added a half-bath and brought the property up to code. The house was built in 1919, so the bones were solid and that is how Shannon convinced me it was a good buy,” commented Mike. The husband-wife duo laughed as they remembered Mike’s first words when Shannon walked him into the house for the first time. “This one’s a doozy!” he famously said walking into the front door. 

They worked tirelessly together toward the goal of staying on time and on budget. Mike and his team had their work cut out for them as they had to rip out materials and start from scratch. “Mike is so creative and talented,” Shannon smiled. “I knew the property had potential and I had always loved this street.” With Shannon’s determination and bargain hunter mentality, the two transformed the house into a beautiful home with modern and neutral finishes. The couple worked together, adapting and overcoming challenges. “We are both driven and we found a way to focus together to get the job done. It wasn’t always easy; we didn’t always see eye to eye, but we compromised and listened to one another throughout the project,” shared Shannon. The couple laughed as they told me the story about the granite countertops; Shannon insisted on choosing the right finishes, and they ended up at the granite shop three times before making a final decision. 

Measure Twice, Cut Once
The couple have a love and respect for the older neighborhoods in our community. “We wanted to do things right, not substandard,” further explained Mike. They were committed to using the space effectively, adding cabinetry for storage space in niches throughout the home. “After rewiring the entire house for safety, new flooring, paint, fixtures, kitchen upgrades and more, we were proud of our work,” Shannon boasted. When I asked the couple about the challenges of working with a spouse, Mike admitted with a smile, “We definitely balance each other out. Shannon is great at taking control of a situation, keeping me calm and bringing me back down to focus on a solution rather than dwell on the problem.” 

When these two aren’t working, they enjoy spending time with their girls, taking small family trips and fishing. Shannon and Mike have plans for another flip project in 2020. Little Miss Daisy was a successful flip and they look forward to the next adventure. In the meantime, Shannon continues to do what she loves, which is helping clients navigate the real estate industry with success. Whether you’re a first-time buyer or you are looking for an investment property of your own, Shannon handles her clients with a professional, knowledgeable approach and I promise you will have some laughs along the way.

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