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San Joaquin County Supervisors Tom Patti and Miguel Villapudua: Building Bridges for a Better Tomorrow

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The year 2020 is off and running and the March primary elections are lurking around the corner. In San Joaquin County, we have two County Supervisors, Tom Patti and Miguel Villapudua, who have taken a unique team approach to their roles as Supervisors and seek re-election. Serving District 3, Tom Patti was first elected in 2016. Supervisor Patti is a second-generation local business owner who has a passion for giving back to his community. Miguel Villapudua serves District 1 and was also elected in 2016. Supervisor Villapudua previously served eight years on the San Joaquin County Planning Commission and shares a sense of pride in community with his colleague, Supervisor Patti. 

After being elected to the board in 2016, Patti and Villapudua quickly learned that they shared similar visions for San Joaquin County and their respective districts. Public safety, homelessness, affordable housing, business-friendly regulation and quality of life were the top concerns they felt responsible to tackle for their constituents. The two supervisors left party line politics behind as they crossed the aisle to work together for a better San Joaquin County. “We don’t always agree on the best strategies, plans or recommendations, but we find a way to work together because our goals remain the same,” explained Supervisor Villapudua. “We are lucky to be in the position of non-partisan politics as supervisors. Differences aside, we want to make our community a better place to live,” Supervisor Patti commented. 

The supervisors began working together and a friendship started to grow. Supervisor Patti offered help to Supervisor Villapudua with his public speaking skills and they worked together to address the challenges facing the county. In District 1, Villapudua addressed the overwhelming garbage and illegal dumping by joining forces with the California Conservation Corp., the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Department and other community leaders to offer his district seven free dumpster days. To date, the collaboration has resulted in the collection of 70 tons of garbage and waste from District 1.

Supervisor Patti witnessed the progress his colleague was making and brought the collaborative strategies back to his constituents in District 3. Along with the San Joaquin Delta Community Watch Group, Supervisor Patti helped organize an effort to coincide with National Coastal Clean Up Day. That day, 320 shopping carts were pulled from the Smith Canal. The efforts from the District 3 constituents led to the largest coastal cleanup in the nation. 

The cleanup efforts made in both districts led the supervisors to examine where the excessive garbage was coming from, uncovering more challenges for the county with the homeless population. Not afraid of the complicated issues and debates surrounding homelessness in San Joaquin County, Supervisors Patti and Villapudua charged forward to help expand shelters and open an emergency winter shelter. 

Opening the emergency winter shelter, uniting constituents in their districts and the county and continuing efforts with developers and community leaders for affordable housing are just a few accomplishments the Supervisors proudly stand behind. “Creating a better quality of life, uniting our community, improving education for our youth and recruitment of employers remain pillars of our platforms,” Supervisor Villapudua explained. “Given the opportunity to continue to serve our districts and San Joaquin County, we are committed to remaining strong in bringing the vision of a better community to life,” added Supervisor Patti. 

Right wing, left wing, conservative, liberal, moderate, Republican, Democrat, Independent; we find ourselves identifying with labels and judging others as they identify themselves with opposing views. As the March primary nears, let us identify ourselves as members of a community. Before you cast your vote, remember we have an example of two opposing politicians right here in San Joaquin County who have found a way to look past the labels and work together toward common goals of the betterment of our county. Partisan politics aside, this dynamic duo has united communities through leadership and a shared passion for improving life in San Joaquin County. “It is an opportunity, a responsibility and a privilege to serve the public!” Supervisor Patti said proudly. “We look forward to the opportunity to continue to serve on the Board of Supervisors,” added Supervisor Villapudua.

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