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Ruby’s Bakery: Lodi’s Downtown Hot Spot for Hand-Crafted Baked Goods!

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As a young girl, Lynn Echeverria knew that she had a craving for the culinary arts and she began her journey to creating the baked goods hot spot that we’re acquainted with as Ruby’s Bakery. In the heart of downtown Lodi, Lynn and her husband, Fausto, have put their roots down, offering their talents within the chic floor-to-ceiling glass-fronted bake shop on Church Street. 

Growing up in her parents’ pizza kitchen, Lynn was exposed to a life of creating culinary treats and serving people and community. Knowing that it was her passion and love, she went to culinary school in San Francisco; after her education she went to work in a Cityscape bakery, attaining the skills and techniques of her master baker mentors. 

Mastering her skill set was not all she attained working and training in the San Francisco bakery; she soon after caught the eye of her later-to-become-husband. Fausto was working at the same bakery as a dishwasher and eventually worked his way up to overseeing all croissant bakers within the business. 

Fausto says all of the goodies he and Lynn lay their hands on are made with great care, preparation, patience and the best ingredients you can find, something that’s not found in all bakeries and restaurants. At Ruby’s Bakery, even details such as the butter are sourced from the best farmers and artisans with the highest milk-fat content and coolest conditions to preserve the integrity of the butter. Little things like this matter, and both Lynn and Fausto agree that quality is what sets them apart from others.

By far the most impressive pieces of the operation are the fermented doughs and the long-drawn-out processes needed to express and celebrate these doughs. These steps give their customers treats that are not only complex in flavor but overall, better for digestion! With a three-day process to create one croissant and 24 hours to create a loaf of bread, you know this duo is dedicated to their craft. The preserved method of dough making is a quality that is not commonly found and is exactly why you should find your way to the best little bakery on Church Street in beautiful Lodi, California!

Ruby’s Bakery
11 S. Church St., Ste B  |  Lodi