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Pride Landscape and Concrete Introduces a Ten-Acre Japanese Maple Farm

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Pride Landscape and Concrete owner Reyes Jaramillo is the inspirational example of what hard work and perseverance can do. He realized his dream of opening his own landscaping company 18 years ago and it has grown from a one-man operation to a large, full-service operation!  

“I started mowing lawns September 9, 1999,” Ray, as he’s called, explained. “I always had a passion for landscaping with Japanese maples. After having a lawn business for a few years, I got my landscaping contractor’s license, then after landscaping a few years I got my concrete license and then my masonry contractor license. Pride Landscape and Concrete is a full-service company with different divisions such as our professional maintenance service. We also specialize in all types of decorative concrete and build brick walls and patios, including long block walls.”

From Project’s Beginning to Finale
“I believe what sets me apart from my competition is that we do all work in-house, from landscaping to concrete driveways and brick patios,” he continued. “It takes three to four contractors to do this because they are not properly licensed by the state. For example, one might be licensed for landscaping the other for concrete and the third for masonry. Most customers just want to deal with one contractor to take care of this and we do it all.”

Born in Mexico, Ray and his family moved to the United States when he was five years old. He arrived barefoot, as they were too poor to afford shoes. He attended high school in Arbuckle, California, and his parents worked in the fields. He later majored in business management and was an emergency medical tech for the Knights Landing Fire Department for 13 years before starting his company. He is currently attending the University of California, Davis, taking business courses to better serve his customers with modern technology.

“I inspired myself to start this business! I was a one-man company and now I have a large company with many skilled workers,” he smiled. “I have landscaped several areas that were eyesores in Lodi, including the corner of Cherokee and Kettleman and the corner of Central and Kettleman. These were all garbage dumping grounds and they now look beautiful.”

Spectacular Japanese Maples
Ray has always dreamed of having a Japanese maple farm and now, after five years, his dream has become reality. He has a ten-acre Japanese maple farm along with his fully stocked nursery.

The Japanese maple, or acer palmatum, is a graceful deciduous tree that has leaves ranging from chartreuse through dark green or from red to dark purple. Some are variegated with patterns of white and pink. The leaf variations, from shallowly to deeply lobed, provide beautiful texture. In winter, the bare branches and trunk exhibit interesting bark texture and growth pattern. Most Japanese maples prefer part shade, and all blend well with companion plants in a well-planned landscape design. 

No Limit to Pride
Ray’s landscaping with full-grown Japanese maples and in-house grown plants puts the wow factor in his work along with his decorative concrete. He offers commercial and residential landscaping and concrete services, including new landscape installation, sprinkler repair and installation, drain installation, retaining walls, sod installation and landscape lighting. They are also drainage system specialists. In addition, their design services include such features as redwood fencing, cobblestone, rock and decorative paver installation and more. They are now offering full masonry services.

“We maintain and design the gardens of Lodi and surrounding areas which we are very proud of. We take pride to the limit,” he confirmed.

Take time to visit this beautiful maple tree farm. It will inspire you and you may find yourself with a Japanese maple–or even three or four! –in your garden.

Visit for more information. Pride Landscape is located at 1560 E. Pine Street, Lodi, California.  Call Ray at 209-327-4329.