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O’Connor Woods: Honoring, Connecting and Inspiring Seniors

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Built upon a sprawling 34 acres, O’Connor Woods is nestled between magnificent, towering oak trees that are original to the property. Located in Stockton, the non-profit continuing care retirement community is much like the oak trees that surround it; the tradition of caring and compassion continues to prevail. O’Connor Woods is ideal for seniors who seek an engaging and worry-free lifestyle that embraces independence and provides a sense of community. 

The Wellness Connection Fitness Club at O’Connor Woods provides a variety of wellness programs, exercise classes and much more. This unique fitness club is available to both residents at O’Connor Woods and non-residents. Community members who do not live on campus can become a member of the Fitness Club and can take advantage of a full fitness center and a large variety of classes designed to enhance individual abilities through healthy choices and purposeful living. Memberships start at $50 a month for individuals and $90 a month for couples. 

Age is Just a Number
The stigma that surrounds aging is evident throughout society. Aging is often depicted as a negative aspect of life. However, those who are willing to embrace aging, not just gracefully but with intention, can lead more fulfilling, happier lives. Changing the status quo on how people contend with aging is something that Director of Fitness and Wellness Nanci Shaddy strives for. “My goal is to really change the perception of aging. Many people feel that age is a ‘fight or fix’ type of situation. However, it should be about taking responsibility for your own health and wellness. No matter where you start, everyone has the ability to create a better, healthier life and the benefits of doing so can be tremendous,” said Nanci. 

Her staff of fun and compassionate professionals is devoted to keeping the residents of O’Connor Woods and the community members of the Fitness Club functional, independent, healthy and active. “Right now, we teach 33 classes a week. We have an indoor year-round swimming pool, with classes that aim to strengthen and tone muscles. We also have some really fun cardio dance classes and mind-body yoga classes that our residents and community members really enjoy,” shared Nanci. Everyone is welcome to enjoy the benefits of the Fitness Club regardless of ability and health status. “We have a lot of non-resident members with a wide range of health issues; however, we cater to individual needs to help those struggling with illnesses or chronic disease make healthier choices while increasing their abilities and wellbeing.” 

Join the Club
At the Wellness Connection, wellness is not only a priority; it’s a lifestyle. A variety of specialized programs and resources that focus on physical health, emotional connectedness and social engagement provide a place for everyone. Yoga classes taught by certified professionals are designed to help strengthen and tone the body while calming the mind through meditation techniques that promote emotional wellbeing. 

Community member Mary Bava is one of the many people who find daily inspiration here. “Joining the Wellness Connection at O’Connor Woods is one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. It has enriched my life. I am stronger, more focused with more energy. Small and large group classes both in the gym and in the pool have improved my balance and flexibility while stretching my body and mind. Yoga has given me a new calmness and perspective,” shared Mary. 

Additional Programs
Several programs are catered to specific needs. A new program, Delay the Disease™, is an evidence-based program that empowers people with Parkinson’s disease to live better and experience new levels of hope by optimizing function and restoring independence. This national wellness program was created to retrain the mind and body through targeting daily functional challenges and symptom-specific fitness agendas. Exercise plans support all levels of the disease and offer residents and non-residents with Parkinson’s disease a chance to improve their wellbeing in an environment that promotes wellness. 

Small Group Training is an opportunity to explore a new dimension of fitness in a specialized format that focuses on individual progression and skill development. “My goal is to learn about the emerging and cutting-edge exercise programs for mature adults and search for the best way to help people,” Nanci affirmed. “I research what works best and work alongside my amazing team to bring programs like Delay the Disease and Small Group Training Sessions to residents and our community members to improve their quality of life while inspiring them to be the best they can be.” 

Lifestyle Enrichment
The burdens and responsibilities that often coincide with retirement, such as home maintenance and cooking, can become a daunting aspect of life, and many seniors are searching for a more streamlined path. For those who have health issues, O’Connor Woods provides assisted living options, skilled nursing and additional options to accommodate residents’ individual needs. Additional amenities include health screenings, on-site chapel and pastoral services, social events and group outings, pharmacy delivery and much more.  

Whether it’s taking a stroll through the beautiful grounds or lounging on the patio with a fire crackling in the background, residents of O’Connor Woods can live life to the fullest while leaving the details to the team of professionals at O’Connor Woods.  

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