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Lean MD: Discover a Healthier Lifestyle and Achieve Weight Loss Goals

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Diego F. Ferro, MD, owner of Ferro Medical Health and Wellness, believes in the Lean MD program! It’s designed to help people reach their goal body with easy-to-follow food meal plans, personalized one-on-one coaching and scientifically based nutrition principles that help individuals overcome health problems. The program ensures that clients keep and improve their results by learning new eating habits, adapting to their new body, starting to exercise and tapering off any medications. He and his team will support each transformation with one-on-one coaching.

Focus on Health Management
“I decided to go into this field after realizing the hardship that people go through in order to obtain even modest weight loss and, of course, the importance that weight has in cardiovascular disease,” he noted. “I put a personal emphasis when I approach this condition and I incorporate evidence-based management. I opened my internal medicine practice in April 2012 and Lean MD in November 2017.”

Dr. Ferro became board certified in obesity medicine by the Board of Obesity Medicine in 2018 and incorporated bariatric medicine into his internal medicine practice. He graduated from San Joaquin General Hospital after completing his internal medicine program. He had completed one year in Southern California at King/Drew and USC General Hospital when he transferred to the San Joaquin County community.  

Born in the country of Colombia, Dr. Ferro graduated from Universidad Del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia; he has lived the majority of his life in the United States and is culturally diverse. He practices traditional, personal medicine, spending adequate time making sure his patients understand the basics of each ailment they are dealing with. He is bilingual, fluent in English and Spanish. His bedside manner is excellent, which helps him create great rapport with his patients. “I am very passionate about trying to prevent disease, especially when it comes to metabolic conditions that center around obesity, such as hypertension, hypercholesterolemia and diabetes, among others,” Dr. Ferro affirmed.

Experience and Community Affiliation
Dr. Ferro is board certified in internal medicine and a fellow of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. He is a member of the American Medical Association, American College of Physicians and San Joaquin Medical Society. He is affiliated with local hospitals, Dameron Hospital and St. Joseph’s Hospital Dignity Health, and has served as the chief of the internal medicine department at Dameron Hospital. He has been serving the community for the past decade. 

“In all of my examinations, I provide the patient ample information regarding the patient’s conditions and the necessary tools to try to achieve the goals that I have set with my patients,” stated Dr. Ferro. “I truly believe that the key to success is forming a doctor-patient relationship creating an environment of trust and confidence.”

Lean MD
“Currently, I am growing my internal medicine and obesity medicine practice. I recently hired a nurse practitioner to help me in the expansion process,” he continued. “Lean MD is a program that helps us realize the amount and source of calories we regularly consume. The Lean MD program teaches us as we go along to just incorporate only what our body needs. It is not a meal replacement program; it uses your own grocery store food products. I also use a variety of FDA-approved anti-obesity medications to aid in the process.”

Rapport and Understanding
Through his involvement with the program, he has learned the great difficulties patients encounter in their journey to make lifestyle changes and achieve weight loss. He takes great pride in the work he does and enjoys living in this community with his wife, Jackie, who is his office manager, and two children. His hobbies, when he’s not working, are movies, sports and exercising.

“It’s your life!” Dr. Ferro said emphatically. “You deserve the best one you can have, which means enjoying new favorite activities, learning mindful skills that will last a lifetime and making sure you enjoy each day to the fullest with your new body.”

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