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Kooyman Insurance Services: Navigating the Dynamic Environment of Health Insurance with Personalized Care

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For nearly 30 years, Judy Kooyman has been navigating the ever-changing landscape of health insurance. As the owner of Kooyman Insurance Services in Lodi, she makes certain her office is focused on helping her clients find the right health coverage and life insurance policy that best fits their individual needs. Judy’s personalized approach has given longevity to her business in the form of client retention and referrals. “In our current landscape of health insurance, the regulations we face in California are overwhelming. We strive to give our clients options that work within their lifestyles and budgets,” Judy shared. 

Originally a school teacher, Judy was on a different career path far from the world of insurance until, one day, a gentleman walked into her office selling a product that Judy knew better than the salesman pitching it in front of her. His charm caught her attention and her knowledge caught his. The salesman was Bill Kooyman and convincingly he asked Judy to help him. “This was back when IRAs were first available. I worked that first tax season with Bill and the rest is history!” said Judy with a smile. Judy had two children and when she married Bill, she became a stepmother to five more. “It is such a blessing, because I always wanted to have a large family,” she revealed. 

Judy and Bill worked together seamlessly for years to come. “Bill was charismatic, outgoing and a great conversationalist. He stuck to the sales side of the business while I drilled down into the details,” Judy continued. The husband-and-wife team continued to grow Kooyman Insurance Services and their own business model evolved over time as the focus of services became more specialized. Judy’s daughter, Andria Bersi, started helping in the office after Bill was hospitalized. “Andria is the computer whiz. I simply know how to do what I must do!” admitted Judy. The husband-wife team transitioned into a mother-daughter duo when Bill turned 70. “He went to the golf course one day and never came back to the office,” laughed Judy. Without missing a beat, Judy and Andria carried on the tradition of the family business and Bill passed away in 2015.

Connected to Clients
Judy discussed at length the complicated scope of health insurance, specifically Medicare and the under-65 market. “The under-65 market is really complicated; the Covered California website is not user friendly and confusing, especially when it comes to people with unique situations,” Judy explained. This is where Kooyman Insurance Services helps clients examine the variety of plans available, guiding them to an option tailored best to their needs. 

She attributes the success and longevity of the company to her connection with her clients. “Clients like to meet someone face to face. They can sit down with us and talk with us about what they or their families need,” she shared. Having a better connection with their clients gives Judy and Andria the opportunity to be advocates and better serve their client base. “We help our clients understand how Medicare works and we find the best match. We can’t avoid the unpleasant parts of health care,” commented Judy.

Connected to Community
When Judy is not navigating new regulations of health insurance, she stays busy with her 14 grandchildren and six great-grandchildren! She is also an active volunteer in several community organizations. For 35 years she has been involved with Community Concerts, a volunteer organization that brings concerts to Lodi. Originally started in the 1940s by a group of ministers and teachers, this volunteer group works tirelessly booking talent, ushering and designing programs for the five-concert season held at Hutchins Street Square. Judy is extremely proud of the partnership between Community Concerts and the Lodi Unified School District. “We have been able to host 800 children in a single season from the school district. Watching the reactions of the kids is heartwarming. Some of them have never been to Hutchins Street Square or seen a live concert,” she said proudly. 

Judy also volunteers at the Lodi Public Library, working in the Literacy Program, and she is a long-time member of St. Anne’s Church. Judy sings in the choir, teaches classes for those who are interested in becoming members and helps facilitate Bible studies. “For fun and my sanity, I garden,” laughed Judy.

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