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Kathy Wooton

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Bending Over Backwards to Get you Into a Home


Passionate about helping others, whether it’s listing a home, selling a home, or simply giving back to her community, Kathy Wooton of Grupe Real Estate is a stand-out in the world of real estate.

Working as a licensed agent in Lodi since 2004, this ambitious Lodi Realtor is committed to being her client’s Realtor for life. “I try to be unique in everything that I do,” Kathy affirmed. “It’s been a very busy year for me, due to the fact that I’ve added several new things to my business that have really paid off. One is an advanced training and education that has resulted in a doubling of my business. My marketing tactics have expanded as well; I’ve added new and value-added services including creating a listing video of a home’s layout and amenities along with a snapshot of the surrounding areas. Utilizing social media, QR codes, custom DVDs and enhanced smartphone features are a few more of the innovative services that help me go the extra mile for my sellers and offer a unique perspective to potential buyers.”

This ambitious Realtor also has her head firmly on straight when it comes to matters of health and managing stress. “I incorporate fitness into everything that I do,” she noted. “People may think it’s extreme, but I work out twice a day and I do that to keep my stress level down, my energy up and my health intact. I am a firm believer in the benefits of yoga and within this last year I have delved into a new form of fitness as well.”

Muscles That Matter® (MTM) is derived from yoga and involves a unique combination of backward-bending bodyweight movements and yoga while being guided through a moving mediation. “Part of my MTM training was being able to do a back bend and touch the floor,” Kathy revealed. “This back bending is extremely challenging and takes strength and determination. It took me three months to be able to bend backwards and touch the floor. Quite a feat for a 55-year-old! But I am proud that I achieved it and I continue to make MTM a part of my daily fitness routine.”
This newly found practice has resulted in more than advanced fitness for Kathy; it’s created a memorable tagline for her business that parallels her fitness beliefs and also her philosophy for doing only her best work for her clients. “My new tagline, ‘Bending over backwards to get you into a home’ was an idea that came from one of my lenders,” Kathy remembered. “When he learned of my MTM work, he commented about how the act of physically ‘bending over backwards’ paralleled how I actually do bend over backwards for my clients. I took the plunge and hired a photographer to take some professional images of me doing my back bending. Before launching my new photo I decided to put it on Facebook to get feedback from my clients and friends and the comments were overwhelmingly positive.”
By blending these two passions together, this successful Realtor continues to excel in residential and commercial real estate sales, land and large estate sales. “I have recently completed all of my classes and am preparing to take my broker’s license examination as well,” she added. “It’s a long process involving lots of studying, but having my broker’s license will allow me to sell real estate anywhere in northern California. But my career is not just about accolades and certifications. Being passionate about helping others is what I’m about, whether it’s listing or selling a home. Honestly, I do bend over backwards for my clients. I will do whatever’s necessary to help them get into the home of their dreams.”
Kathy shared that the love and support of her family keeps her striving to be the best at what she does. She’s married to a wonderful and supportive husband, Jeff, for 36 years; the couple has three children, Kyle, 30; Jason, 23; and Sarah, 20. She finds incredible joy in spending time with her ten-month old grandbaby, Caia. “Sunday in my house is family time and that’s non-negotiable. We spend the day cooking up a storm, sharing details of our work week and playing with baby Caia. It’s the perfect end to a busy week, and one that makes me smile.”
When asked how she maintains passion and focus, Kathy noted, “My business is a gift. I also feel like God has given me a gift and my gift is being able to help people,” Kathy affirmed. “I am determined to leave this world knowing I did my very best to help as many people as possible. I get out of bed in the morning with the goal of helping at least one person, in some way, every day. I like to make people feel good so I give back whenever I can. It’s the relationships that I build with people that matter most in my life.” HLM
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