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Juli Morse and Nerium: Love Your Skin

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In 2014, Juli Morse found herself faced with a challenge. After being a stay-at-home mom for 11 years, she felt ready to re-enter the workforce, but there was a catch.

“I was 38 years old and since both of our kids were now in school, I was looking for something to do during the day that would bring in extra income,” Juli revealed. “Money was tight since my husband, a CHP officer, was the only one working. He was also working overtime several times a week just so we could make ends meet, and I really wanted to help take that money monkey off his back. The problem was that I had been out of the workforce for over a decade. I kept asking myself, ‘Who’s going to hire me?’”

Even though getting a job was a priority, so was maintaining flexibility in her schedule to accommodate her children’s needs and schedules. “I kept racking my brain on where I could get a flexible job,” she recalled. “Then I noticed a friend’s postings on Facebook about an anti-aging skin care product called Nerium™. She was sharing things like how she earned a free Lexus and how she had earned a free iPad. She was also posting before-and-after pictures of people’s faces and the difference was amazing.”

Leap of Faith
Confiding in her friend that she too had been concerned about her own dark spots and fine lines, Juli was offered the chance to try the Nerium Age-Defying Night Cream and Day Cream risk free for 30 days. Within five days, both she and her husband noticed a remarkable difference in the tone and texture of the skin on her face. Convinced that the products were indeed something special, she began looking at the possibility of creating her own Nerium™ business as a way to bring in the extra income her family needed.

“I was so impressed by the company’s mission to develop products and opportunities that give women the power to project the confidence that radiates from within,” Juli noted. “At the time, the company was only two years old, but they had done over $100 million in sales their first year of business. I knew I could get behind this product so I jumped in right away. My initial hope was that I could at least make $50 a month to help with groceries. But within the first month of sharing Nerium I earned my initial investment of $1,000 back and earned a free iPad! By the second month, I had earned my free Lexus. Almost three years later, I don’t ever feel like I am ‘selling’ anything. I truly feel like I am sharing incredible anti-aging products that have the potential to change so many people’s lives!”

Experience the Nerium Glow
Composed of one-step systems, the Nerium lineup of products includes their Firming Body Contour Cream that firms, tones and tightens loose saggy skin and eliminates cellulite. Their Age-Defying Night Cream and the Nerium Age-Defying Day Cream combat hyperpigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, tone and texture of the skin and overall pore size. Their newest product, an Age-Defying Eye Serum, delivers both instant and long-term results while reducing fine lines, puffiness, sagging skin and dark under-eye circles.

Nerium also believes that a healthy body includes a healthy brain, a belief they support with their EHT® Age-Defying Supplement. A natural mixture of bioactive molecules isolated from coffee, this supplement is formulated to help support healthy cognitive brain function and promote mental focus and clarity. All five products are currently available in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, Korea and Japan, and the company plans to launch its products in Australia, Colombia and Hong Kong by the end of 2016.

Life Transformation
“This company has changed my life in so many positive ways,” Juli confirmed. “I now have over 450 people from all over the globe on my team; to be able to have a team that I can help be successful from the comfort of my home is so rewarding. I don’t think I could have ever found a job that would be as fulfilling as Nerium.”

Juli continues to achieve her dream of contributing financially to the family’s income. Her husband no longer needs to work overtime and the couple has paid off 50 percent of their debt. “Being a part of this growing company has been such a blessing,” Juli shared. “In the beginning my focus was on income, but now it’s on forming relationships with amazing people while showing them age-defying products that can help them love their skin and reflect their youth.

“My advice to anyone considering creating a Nerium business of their own is to take the leap of faith and go for it. It’s never too late to try something new. Prove to yourself and everyone around you that you can do it.” ■

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