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Grooming by Moraine Makes Every Dog Shine Brighter!

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When it comes to looking good, we ladies visit our favorite salon. Dogs have the same opportunity with Moraine Kirby-Green at her Grooming by Moraine Salon. Her life has led her to this path, and she truly has a passion for making sure the dogs she cares for leave her shop looking show ready.

Love of Animals
She grew up competing in horse shows in Hunter/Jumper from the age of seven, and her mother showed toy poodles. Her husband, Poul, grew up showing terriers, so you could say they are following family tradition. They also breed pugs.

“After years in the dental field, I was looking to something creative and wanted to own my own business. I learned how to take care of the toy poodles as a girl and get them ready for their big day at the dog shows,” Moraine explained. “I always loved the creativity of grooming and loved the excitement of the dog show world. Being a dog lover has never been a choice for me, and I don’t remember a time when I didn’t feel joy, excitement and love whenever I saw a dog. So, this was a fairly easy decision to make!”

S.A.F.E. First
She went to Calgary, Alberta, Canada, to study under internationally ranked Intergroom team Canada Master Groomer Shauna Bernardin, then earned her certificate as a master groomer. When Moraine decided to open her salon, she had a desire to have a safe environment in which she would feel comfortable leaving her own dogs for grooming. The salon is AKC S.A.F.E certified, which means that they adhere to a very high safety standard. For every breed, there’s a written list of criteria that exemplify what the ideal representation of that dog would look like. Think of it as a statue. In a show, judges are looking for which specific one of the dogs in a breed comes as close to that statue of perfection as possible.

“We have an open-door policy. We welcome you to come visit your pet at any time and even stay and watch the grooming process, if you like. We have individual open pens for each pet, with a potty pad, a fleece pad and water,” she continued. “We can watch all of the pets and process with the baby monitor cameras set up in all the rooms.”

Gentle Clean
Moraine and her team use Iv San Bernard products from Italy. They are very pure and have been developed for specific coat types and skin needs. They also have two types of therapy for each four-legged client, including a Thera-Clean® microbubble machine for deep cleaning of the skin They can also clean a dog without the use of shampoos.  

“We also have an Ozone SPA therapy machine from Iv San Bernard, and an extra element of ozone is added to the bath along with aerating bubbles. Ozone combats bacteria, fungus and virus on the skin and can treat allergies, seborrhea, alopecia, itching and soothe arthritic joints,” she related. “We put the care, comfort and safety of our clients’ pets first and foremost.”

When her clients’ dogs are with her, Moraine considers them her dogs. With more than 20 years of experience handling and grooming, she continues to expand her experience by attending one to two grooming seminars every year and multiple dog shows throughout the year.  

“We strive to be at the top of our field, and we now offer ultra-sonic hygiene, which means no brushing or scraping. This treatment is completely silent and non-invasive for the pet, as well as anesthesia free.

“I so enjoy all the wonderful people and pets that I have met over the years,” Moraine smiled. “We really become one big family.”

Grooming by Moraine is located at 501 W. Lodi Avenue, Lodi, California. Call them at 209-712-1739 and visit