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Frosted Flour: Wedding Confections as Art!

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The wedding cake! It’s second only to the choice of a gown when a bride is planning her special day.

“We understand that every bride wants her cake to not only be a work of art, but also to reflect her personality and the theme of her wedding,” noted Lisa Hassett, owner of Frosted Flour of Lodi, California. She takes particular pride in the creation of wedding cakes.

“All of our cakes are custom tailored to your specifications and taste,” Lisa continued. “We take great personal pride in perfecting your individual piece of art and we will work with you to make your special day the best day possible.” 

Frosted Flour offers free consultations as well as samples to taste. Cake flavors range from classic vanilla, lemon and almond to red velvet, pink champagne and even snickerdoodle. Complement the layers with luscious fillings of raspberry, strawberry, lemon, Bavarian cream, chocolate cream, caramel, whipped cream cheese, whipped cream, cookies and cream, coconut cream, peanut butter mousse, chocolate hazelnut and fudge. The finishing touch is a frosting of buttercream, chocolate buttercream, whipped cream, fondant over buttercream and the embellishments of your dreams.

Cake toppers, serving sets and toasting glasses are details to create an elegant reception. Frosted Flour offers brides a choice of these necessities as well.

Getting an Early Start
This ambitious chef has a long passion for providing a unique assortment of specialty cakes, mouth-watering desserts, favors and décor for special occasions. Born in Lodi, Lisa lived in Southern California and moved back to Lodi at age seven. She and her best friend opened the bakery in December 2010. Her friend retired in 2015 and Lisa became sole owner.

She worked for a large retail company for over 20 years as the human resources manager before opening her own business. “I guess you could say the seed was planted early on when I was 16 with my first job at Baskin Robbins,” she smiled. “The owner took time and taught me how to decorate cakes. From that point on and for years down the road, I would do family and friends’ cakes for fun. 

“Fast forward to 2010, my best friend and I had taken classes for cake decorating and started doing cakes for customers on the weekends. We had so many orders that people would tell us we should open our own place as Lodi didn’t really have many bakeries. That year was a time of recession, so we were extremely nervous. However, we knew that even though times were hard for people, there were always going to be weddings and birthday parties no matter what, so we pushed on.”

Scrumptious Goodies
The people of the Central Valley are lucky they did just that! At first, Lisa and her business partner thought about calling their business Avenue Cakery, then Wine Country Cakes and a few more, but she and her husband decided Frosted Flour captured the imagination.

Being a new business owner without experience was definitely a challenge for Lisa, and she admits most of their success was through trial and error. “We learned from our mistakes in the beginning and that has made us so strong today,” she affirmed. 

The sweet treats are too numerous to list. Specialties include Salted Caramel Cake, a moist chocolate cake filled with creamy caramel and dusted with freshly ground sea salt, iced with their signature chocolate buttercream and garnished with a caramel drizzle. Chocolate lovers can indulge with the Chocolotta Cake, a rich chocolate cake filled with raspberry preserves, iced with chocolate buttercream and garnished with chocolate sprinkles. 

More for Bakers
In the adjacent parking lot, at 842 W Lodi Avenue, creative cooks will find Frosted Flour Too, their cake decorating supply store. At-home or professional cake decorators and bakers can purchase a variety of supplies for any occasion. You will find the basics and more advanced tools for working with fondant. “There’s everything you need to create a beautiful cake and cupcakes, including frostings, prepared fondant, fillings, cupcake liners and even the toppers. We carry pre-made gum paste bows and flowers as well,” Lisa added.

“As our guest, you are sure to be pleased with the welcome feeling you will get when visiting our shop. We are easy to find at 904 W. Lodi Avenue in Lodi, California,” she noted. “We welcome all brides to talk with us and let us bring your vision for your wedding to life.”

Visit for more information or call 209-369-2253.