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Dameron Hospital: 104 Years of Care and Innovation

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The story of Dameron Hospital of Stockton has been one of communities, medicine, excellence and compassion–and one that is more than 100 years in the making. After passing the century mark in 2012, Dameron Hospital has been reinventing itself, laying the groundwork for a new era of revitalization and some exciting new chapters that are beginning to unfold.

Focus: Serving the Community

As a fully accredited, 200+ bed non-profit community hospital, Dameron is a trusted healthcare provider in the Central Valley region that is taking its commitment to top-quality medical care to the next level.

“Dameron Hospital has seen many advancements in medicine during its first century, but the level of progress we’ve made these past few years is unprecedented,” President and CEO Lorraine P. Auerbach shared. “The message we want to share is that Dameron Hospital is going to be agile and focus on what we do best because we want to serve our community for another 100 years. We have a team of exceptional physicians, nurses and staff that are all committed to our continued success in the near and far future.”

Innovative Treatment for Peripheral Artery Disease

With an eye on offering technologies that patients need, the hospital added the FDA-cleared minimally-invasive surgical Ocelot and Pantheris catheter system. Dameron is the first hospital in the Sacramento, San Joaquin and Stanislaus county areas to offer this new treatment for patients facing peripheral artery disease, or PAD. Peripheral artery disease is caused by a buildup of plaque in the arteries that carry blood flow to the legs and feet, and symptoms of PAD include painful cramping or susceptibility to infections or wounds in the legs or feet. In severe cases, patients may face amputation of the limb, which is the worst-case scenario associated with PAD.

Under the guidance of Dr. Daren Primack, a veteran cardiologist and medical director of Dameron Hospital’s peripheral vascular program, Dameron uses the Ocelot system to help restore blood flow in completely blocked arteries in patients’ legs. The Ocelot catheter allows physicians to see inside the artery during a procedure by incorporating an imaging fiber on the tip of the catheter that acts like a small camera. The Ocelot catheter now provides physicians with real-time, high-definition video grade images of the inside of an artery during treatment.

Life-Saving New Vision

“In the past we have had to rely on X-ray images of blockages that revealed the artery and blockage in silhouette only,” Dr. Primack observed. “The Ocelot helps us see what we are doing during an unblocking procedure because we are now working with a perspective from the inside of the artery. Using the Ocelot catheter system is like driving through a tunnel with your headlights on as opposed to trying to navigate that same tunnel with no headlights.”

As of March 2016, a new component to the PAD treatment process was added. The Pantheris catheter is a plaque-shaving device with an imaging camera attached so surgeons can shave only the blockage, not the healthy artery. This minimally invasive procedure enables physicians to efficiently clear out the blockage and restore normal blood flow.

“There are two parts of this technology, the Ocelot and the Pantheris,” Dr. Primack clarified. “One part of this amazing new medical advancement helps us get through the blockage while the other helps us clean up the blockage less traumatically and with a lower chance of it recurring. So whether an artery is partially blocked or fully blocked, we now have the means to help patients and get them on the road to recovery and better health. These two state-of-the-art medical technologies are just two more ways Dameron is enhancing their treatment capabilities with a goal of bringing better outcomes to patients.”

Driven to Continuous Improvement

Dameron Hospital remains uncompromising in its approach, with a commitment to continually raising the standard of care in this community. Their focus also remains on bringing premier healthcare procedures to patients, instead of having patients feel that they need to travel elsewhere to receive advanced medical services.

“We are strategically targeting our services for patients so that they don’t feel like they have to leave the community to receive the specialized care they need,” Auerbach added. “We know that being able to get a high level of care and excellent quality, without having to be far from home, is very reassuring for people. We also know how important it is for patients to have their family and support network around them as a part of their healing process.

“These are the reasons that are driving this hospital to continually explore better ways to restore health and improve lives. While change is never easy, we’re learning to embrace it because the residents of this community deserve to be treated with the very best that medicine has to offer, and we intend to bring it to them.” HLM

Dameron Hospital is located at 525 West Acacia Street, Stockton, California. Visit to learn more.