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Continuing a Legacy at Mercedes-Benz of Stockton

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Walking through the doors onto the showroom floor of Mercedes-Benz of Stockton, my eyes bounced from the beautiful vehicles lined up ever so perfectly to the clean and modern aesthetic of the building and back to the warm smiles that greeted me. Up a flight of stairs, floor to ceiling glass partitioned the business office where I met, Robin Atkins, business manager of Mercedes-Benz of Stockton. 

Robin started with the company in November of 1990, when it was originally named Berberian European Motors. She worked in the business office completing DMV paperwork on sold vehicles, payroll and receivables. Robin’s mother was a long-time employee of Lodi Honda, managing the business office for years and that is how Robin was first introduced to the car business. “I worked with my mom and really enjoyed learning about the different responsibilities in an automotive based business office,” shared Robin. “I knew after some time, that I wanted to step out on my own and build my career in my own path.” she continued. Robin applied for an opening with Berberian European Motors and has been with the company going on 30 years this fall. 

In May of 1998, Robin was promoted to business manager, where she oversees a department of five employees who keep the dealership running like the well-oiled machine it is. “I have a wonderful team in the business office. We all work well together and have created a supportive environment where we know we can count on one another,” commented Robin. She credits her team and the ownership for her success and longevity with the company. “I have never felt like a number, they have always made me feel like a person who is valued. This is a wonderful family to work for, they truly are a different kind of people who want their employees to grow and be happy,” smiled Robin. As a mother of two girls, Robin is grateful for the support she received while her girls were growing up, especially during softball season when Robin had to leave by 3:00 pm to make the high school games. “You can never get that time back and I am so grateful to work for an employer who truly believes family comes first.” Robin expressed. 

During her time with Mercedes-Benz of Stockton, Robin waited patiently for their move to the new state-of-the-art facility in Trinity Park near I-5 and Eight Mile Rd. “I waited 26 years for this move and overheard talks of moving since I started with the company. It has been a wonderful experience and definitely worth the wait!” Robin laughed. “My commute from home includes a short drive through the vineyards and I enjoy the beautiful scenery as I come and go from work,” conveyed Robin. “Our dealership is beautiful and we are so proud of the elevated customer experience we can bring to the Central Valley. Brian Martucci, our general manager, has led our dealership to grow while maintaining our mission, core values and vision for the future.” Robin further shared. “Brian’s leadership is an integral part of our dealership; he is a truly caring person.”

In our fast-paced world, the car business is dynamic, demanding and challenging. Robin and her team in the business office carry the weight of keeping up with the laws surrounding vehicle sales and service. “We work with different agencies and vendors to ensure we are up to date on the laws surrounding our business. We just attended a Privacy Act Seminar and are always training our employees on new policies,” commented Robin. “I have to credit my team; they are organized and the communication in our office is open. We know when someone needs help or is overwhelmed and we work together as a team to accomplish our goals.” Robin stated.

Mercedes-Benz of Stockton continues its mission to be a dealer and employer of choice in the Central Valley. With a philosophy of treating others how you want to be treated, they continue to give clients an experience centered around honesty and customer care. “We have our clients’ best interest at heart. Many of our clients consider us as friends and we don’t take that lightly.” Robin expressed. “I love watching generations of families come through our doors. Our clients’ children and grandchildren have purchased and serviced vehicles here, I feel lucky to be a part of this legacy.”

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