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Brookside Aesthetics: Pivot Toward Positivity

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Words such as fluid, flexible and pivot continue to be buzz words as we approach the one-year mark of the first shelter-in-place orders. After 41 years of cosmetic surgery, Dr. John Silverton found himself questioning when he would retire from surgery. Mid-March, when the shelter-in-place orders were given, elective surgeries halted and outpatient surgery centers closed. Forced to stop, Dr. Silverton made a decision to pivot his business into non-surgical injectables, and Brookside Aesthetics was born. 

“Over the last 15 years, we began to grow in the area of non-surgical injectables, so the decision to pivot our practice was fairly seamless,” Dr. Silverton explained. With new branding, an updated website and the launch of an online store, Brookside Aesthetics was up and running. “Our new office boasts a nice, relaxed environment,” Dr. Silverton continued. With the surgery schedule eliminated, Dr. Silverton has more time to spend with his patients and they strategically schedule appointments one at a time, with plenty of time for disinfecting and cleaning between visits. “I feel lucky that we were able to turn the practice towards a positive direction and our development of the nonsurgical injectables was a catalyst for the rebranding,” he continued.

The Team
Dr. Silverton is not alone when it comes to the operation of Brookside Aesthetics. His talented and dedicated staff all have played integral roles in the transition and success thus far. “I am truly blessed with my staff; they are all competent, knowledgeable and excited to see our business rebrand,” he said proudly. Office manager Stephanie Kirschenman has been working with Dr. Silverton for more than ten years. “Stephanie runs the place. She organizes everything and everyone. Her product knowledge and communication with our vendors are invaluable,” he expressed. 

Sandra Garcia, the resident esthetician, is an Obaji expert with a wonderful personality and a true talent when it comes to skincare. Barbara Fletcher, RN, has a background as an operating room nurse. She has been working with Dr. Silverton for almost five years and he refers to her as the “lip expert.” Barbara has trained with Allergan and Dr. Silverton as she continues to expand her skills from injectables, Ultherapy and now PDO threading. Also with a background as an operating nurse, Caryn Chow, RN, has recently joined the team. “She is currently training with Allergan and we are so excited to have her on board,” Dr. Silverton enthused. 

Dr. Silverton and his staff continue to provide their patients with amazing results from new techniques and products that offer little or no down time for recovery, minimal risk, no stitches and cost less than traditional cosmetic surgeries. PDO threading is a new skin-lifting and tightening technique that uses surgical-grade threads that are inserted into the deeper layers of skin, pulling and lifting while stimulating collagen. This fairly painless technique offers amazing results on the face and neck with no anesthesia, no marks or scars and little down time. 

Voluma is another popular option that provides natural-looking results, improving volume and appearance of the face. Dr. Silverton and his staff are excited about new FDA-approved techniques on administering Voluma. Botox is one of the most recognizable names in dermal injectables. This FDA-approved treatment takes about 10 minutes and requires little downtime. Address moderate to severe frown lines, crow’s feet and forehead lines, Botox is a great option. Voluma, Volbella, Vollure, Juvederm and Botox are options for fillers and injectables that Dr. Silverton and his staff help patients choose from. When addressing the face, Kybella is a product that specifically minimizes the fat under the chin. With three nonpainful treatments, patients are excited to see the results.

Leading Treatments
Moving from the face and neck, Brookside Aesthetics offers a variety of techniques that address fat loss and body sculpting. TruSculpt 3D® reduces fat as a transducer massages an area such as the stomach, hips, bra fat, thighs or a localized bulge. Treatments last 15 minutes per area and patients see results over three months. The Verju® laser is a low-level laser for body contouring in which nothing touches the skin. This technique offers slow, gradual results useful for patients who are overweight. The Verju laser treatments last 20 minutes and aren’t focused on specific areas like the TruSculpt 3D. 

From skincare to fat loss, Brookside Aesthetics is leading the industry with the latest products, techniques and treatments. “This has been such an exciting and fun time for us,” Dr. Silverton expressed. Leaning into the challenges of the pandemic and pivoting to create a new brand to serve former and new patients alike, Brookside Aesthetics turned lemons into lemonade with the creation of their online store and fresh approach to anti-aging with injectables, fillers and treatments.

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