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Veroníque Troché and Matthew Martinez

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She Said Yes: December 25, 2018  

Veroníque Troché and Matthew Martinez have a long history that began with love. They met at the wedding of a friend on June 28, 2014.

After more than four years of life events and the development of a solid relationship, Matthew planned the perfect time for his proposal. At the home of Veroníque’s parents on Christmas Day, 2018, he asked for her hand in marriage.

“We have had experience that makes our relationship unique,” Veroníque shares. “After five years, we’ve had experience in worldly travel, moving homes, heartache, switching jobs, separation and new beginnings. We’ve been through a lot of life’s ups and downs and we are so grateful to be in this moment together, with forever to go.”

Veroníque and Matthew have set their wedding date for October 25, 2019. “The most important thing to us on our wedding day is that every single person enjoys themselves to the fullest,” they affirm. “We will have everyone present who has been a big part of our lives since the beginning, and that is so important to us.”

Veroníque’s brother, who is the closest person to her, will serve as her Man of Honor. “Along with my fiancé’s brother as his best man will be my cousin, who’s my best friend, as our officiant,” she smiles. “We wouldn’t have it any other way!”