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Natalie Prins and Christian Manes

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Natalie Prins and Christian Manes began their shared life in kindergarten!

It started at Ripon Christian Elementary and continued through high school. Christian had his eye on Natalie since junior year of high school, but Natalie just wanted to be friends. Although they attended colleges in different states, Christian always made an effort to take Natalie to lunch, coffee or golfing with a group of friends when they were home. After graduation in 2017, they were camp counselors and involved in music together that summer, started hanging out more, decided to date, and haven’t been apart since.

After a family dinner, Christian asked Natalie to ride along in the golf cart while he played a couple holes at Spring Creek Golf & Country Club in Ripon. Spring Creek is a very special place to Christian and his family, as his grandfather was the first pro golfer there. Christian loves to golf and remembers his dear Papa, who passed away in 2014, and all the things he taught him. The family has a favorite oak tree on the course, and as Natalie and Christian drove up to that tree, Christian stopped there. His brother and Natalie’s friend had set up a picture board that said “Marry Me?” along with flowers, lights, and his Papa’s golf clubs. Then he got down on one knee and asked her to marry him! 

Christian and Natalie share a love of music; he plays guitar and she plays piano, and they have many memories of being involved in choir and worship teams in high school together. They also enjoy reminiscing on school memories together, especially one of their favorites, being on the Homecoming Court together their senior year. 

Natalie and Christian have set a wedding date of July 12, 2019. They are blessed to have a huge support system with so many family and friends that love and care for them, so they are looking forward to the memories of this special day with each of them. They are excited that so many close friends and family will be in their bridal party, including six kids as flower girls and ring bearers! They are planning a meaningful ceremony with special music in their church; most importantly, they want to reflect on the faithfulness of Jesus Christ, their Lord and Savior, in their lives as individuals and as a couple. They want their marriage to be dedicated to the Lord and covered in prayer and promises from family and friends. 

The couple look forward to having Natalie’s brother home, as he is in the Navy and serving overseas. They hope to be reunited with him for this special day, as family and friends will get to see him for the first time in over a year. Christian and Natalie each have a brother and sister, so all four siblings will be in the bridal party, and they can’t wait to say “I Do” with these special people by their sides!