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Megan Davis and Demetri Filios

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She Said Yes: November 21, 2018

“I didn’t realize when I was in high school that I had already met the love of my life!” shares Megan Davis of the relationship she has with Demetri Filios.

Megan and Demetri attended St. Mary’s High School, meeting in 2004. “I was friends with Demetri’s sister, Evanthia, and would sometimes go over to their house,” she smiles. “Our paths crossed again after we finished college, when we connected at a friend’s house. Since then, we have had a very intense love for one another. I love Demetri’s sense of adventure, the daily excitement he brings to my life, and his big heart.”

On the day before Thanksgiving, Demetri made a reservation at Market Tavern in Lincoln Center, having made some plans with friends and family to help with his proposal. “We were seated in the bar against the window next to the patio. Demetri was being unusually quiet, and I spotted three of his friends walk in, which, I learned later, I wasn’t supposed to see,” Megan recalls. “They sat across from us, which was weird because usually we would sit together. Not long after, both our families surprised us by knocking on the window at our table with camera phones in full force! Demetri got down on his knee and proposed, but I was so blown away by what was going on I didn’t answer right away. He finally told me he needed an answer and of course I said ‘Yes!’ Afterward, we ate and celebrated with our family and friends. It was magical; I had no idea the proposal was coming.”

The couple’s families are close, which Megan regards as one of their unique strengths. “Demetri has a huge family and we are always with them in one fashion or another. He is also very close with my family, especially my dad! Their house is like our second home. We have also been together for over five years. Our poodle, Marley, is a huge part of our life as well!”

Megan and Demetri have set their wedding date for May 30, 2020, in their hometown of Stockton. “I’m in the process of converting to the Greek Orthodox faith and have been going to classes with the priest, Father Pete, at St. Basil’s. Demetri has been very supportive by going to all my classes with me. By the time our big day comes I will be an Orthodox Christian. We’re looking forward to sharing our wedding day with family, friends and even Marley.”