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Megan and Logan

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Date of proposal: June 24, 2016

Philanthropy brought together Megan McCay and Logan when they met at Chico State, working at a volunteer organization.

During their three and a half years together, Megan and Logan have developed a strong relationship. “We both care a lot about our families and friends, and we like to have fun and find new adventurous things to do,” Megan shares. “We love finding new breweries to try, going hiking and kayaking, and we enjoy playing lots of board games. We hope to travel a lot in our future and hope to visit Ireland next year.”

Since Megan and Logan love to travel, their trip to Florence, Italy, last summer was the perfect time and place for Logan’s proposal. “Logan had picked a restaurant he thought would be perfect to see the fireworks the night of the La Festa di San Giovanni holiday,” smiles Megan. “Logan and I ate, had wine, shared a dessert, and then the fireworks started to go off. Logan turned to me and we held hands. He asked me if I remembered our first date and how we didn’t want the night to end. Then he said, ‘I don’t want this to end.’ I thought, ‘That’s kind of a proposal thing to say,’ and I told him that I didn’t want this to end either. He smiled and reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out the ring. My eyes were the size of a cartoon characters at the sight of him reaching into his pocket. My first reaction was to start crying with excitement and say, ‘Yes!’ as soon as he got down on one knee and said, ‘Megan, will you marry me?’ The other people in the restaurant around us were all very kind and clapped for us, and thankfully the woman at the table next to us asked to take our picture. It was a beautiful and perfect night.”

Megan and Logan have set their wedding date for September 30, 2017. They are looking forward to a gathering with family and friends to celebrate the fact that they are finally married.

“I’m an event specialist at Wine & Roses, so it will be an interesting day not being the one running the show!” Megan laughs. “With the dream team in place, though, I know I won’t have to worry. I’m a winemaker’s daughter, so we are lucky enough to get to serve our own wine and do splits as favors for our guests. The blend will be something Logan and I create together, with the help of my dad, and we will create a label for it.” ■