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Lauren Coco and Jonathan Gay

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Date of Proposal: March 11, 2020

“Yes, we originally met on a dating app!” laughed Lauren Coco and Jonathan Gay.

Lauren moved to Medford, Oregon, for her first nursing job right out of nursing school to work at Asante Rouge Regional Medical Center on the oncology floor. Jon graduated from Southern Oregon University and was working in Medford selling insurance. “Our first official date was at the small town’s bowling alley called Roxy Ann Lanes.” 

Lauren and Jon planned to go to spring training for baseball for their four-year anniversary of dating, combined with a visit to some friends who had just moved there. COVID-19 got in the way, but Lauren didn’t know that Jon had plans of his own. 

“We stayed at a resort and went out to dinner our first night there for our anniversary,” she recalls. “When we got back to the room, it was decorated with flowers and rose petals and there was a puzzle that was put together that said ‘Will you marry me?’ Puzzles are our thing; we always do them together around the house, so it was cute that he would incorporate that.” 

Lauren had an amazing opportunity to advance her career as a nurse at UC Davis Medical center in Sacramento, California. “Our relationship was tested and we did a year and half of long distance,” she says about the strength of their bond. “In the end, it was all worth it and now we are both living and working in the Sacramento area, planning our future together.”

The couple has set August 22, 2021, as their wedding date. They are looking forward to celebrating this new chapter in their lives with close family and friends. To make the day more memorable, Jon’s dad will be their officiant.