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Fiona Litle and Cody Waller

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Date of Proposal: August 25, 2019

One romance led to another for Fiona Litle and Cody Waller. “We were both in a wedding and were matched up as bridesmaid and groomsman,” she smiles. “We hit it off immediately and I knew he was going to be something special.” 

On their seven-year anniversary of dating, Cody asked Fiona to marry him. “We both knew that we would get married some day and Cody knew I didn’t want the big proposal. He said we should pick out the ring together, and the following day we went to Kay Jewelers to pick out the ring of my dreams. It was exactly how I would have wanted to be proposed to.” 

Cody is a Purple Heart Marine Corps veteran and now a pipe fitter/welder apprentice; Fiona is an elementary school teacher. “When we first started dating, I was a senior in high school and he was finishing up his time with the Marines. We lived 400 miles apart for over a year but tried to see each other as often as we could and practically lived on FaceTime,” she relates. “I had already chosen a college to attend when I met Cody and it just happened to be a few towns over from where he lived. Throughout our relationship we grew together, helped each other through hard times and saw each other’s greatest accomplishments. This past year we bought and built our first house together and we are looking forward to our wedding and creating an amazing life together.” 

Fiona and Cody have set October 11, 2020, as their wedding date? They’re looking forward to finally cementing their love for each other surrounded by family and friends. “I love making memories with my best friend and I know this will be one of our greatest memories together,” Fiona notes. “We are getting married at Dodasa Ranch in Valley Springs. We fell in love with the venue because Cody loves the outdoors and I wanted something rustic and country. The ranch has cabins steps away from the reception that family and close friends will be staying in along with the bride and groom the night of the wedding to continue the celebration throughout the evening and into the next day.”