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Emily Schneider and Joey Blanchard

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Date of Proposal: January 6, 2019

Emily Schneider and Joey Blanchard have much in common and soon will have much more. “Joey and I met in high school,” Emily smiles. “We were both very involved in the agricultural program at Tokay High School and after a few years of being friends, we started dating near the end of high school. After graduation we both continued our education at Fresno State and have been together ever since.”

In January 2019, Emily and Joey spent a few days celebrating the New Year at South Lake Tahoe. “Joey had plans to take me up the gondola ride at Heavenly Village but they had closed it due to a strong snowstorm,” she recalls. “After finding out the news we walked around the village for a little bit until I suggested that we see what the lake looks like in the snow. After a short ride down to the lake we found the beach covered in snow, and there, by a snowman in the middle of a snowstorm, Joey got down on one knee. After the proposal we went back to the hotel to thaw out. We celebrated that night with champagne and a delicious Italian dinner.” 

Emily and Joey have known each other for almost ten years. “We have both grown tremendously as individuals and together in our relationship,” Emily relates. “Our dedication to watching our relationship grow and the love we share for each other has helped us tackle any obstacle that we have faced and we are eager to bring that same energy to our marriage.”

The couple has set a wedding date of October 24, 2020. “We want to soak in every minute of it. Everyone has been telling us that your wedding day goes by in a blink of an eye and we want to cherish every moment with our friends and family,” they agree. “We are also very excited for all of our friends and family from different stages of our lives, such as childhood, high school or college who have been a part of our journey, to see us come together as one. 

“We have set a goal of incorporating small details from our journey together into our special day. We selected Angelina’s Spaghetti house to cater our wedding because that has been our go-to date night over the years!”