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Christina Lara and Kenneth Matela

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What do Star Wars, Disney and Harry Potter have in common? Christina Lara and Kenneth Matela Jr., that’s who!

Christina and Kenneth met in high school. “We sat next to each other at a basketball game in the student section and had a great time,” Christina smiles. “Kenneth ‘stalked’ me and a few days later asked me to go to the movies to watch The Vow. We started talking from there!”

Kenneth chose a scenic and historic spot for his proposal. “We spent the day going around San Francisco, and our next stop was to see the beautiful view from Battery Spencer over the Golden Gate Bridge,” recalls Christina. “We walked toward the edge of the mountain and Kenneth got on his knees and proposed. Our families came out from hiding and were all there to be the first ones to congratulate us!”

What’s unique about Christina and Kenneth? “Although it sounds cheesy, we are best friends,” they agree. “From high school to parenthood, we do not feel complete without each other. Not only have we found a love for each other, but our love for Disney and adventures have grown throughout the years, and everything we do is ten times better with each other. We are the biggest Disney, Star Wars and Harry Potter fans and there is no one else we would rather nerd out with than each other!”

The couple has set May 4, 2019, as their wedding date. Since Christina is a Star Wars fan and got Kenneth into Star Wars at the beginning of their relationship, they recognized that Saturday, “May the Fourth” was meant for their day and subsequent anniversaries on which they will tell each other, “May the Fourth be with you!”

“The most important thing to us is to be able to spend our wedding day with the people who have been part of our lives throughout our journey of growth as a couple,” Christina affirms. “We are both really big on family, so to have all the important people by our sides means most to us, plus being able to enjoy the day with our son, Kayden.”

Since it will be May the Fourth, Christina and Kenneth plan to have subtle hints of Star Wars throughout our wedding day. “Like the Hidden Mickeys throughout Disney parks, we want our guest to see if they can catch the touches of Star Wars throughout our wedding day!” both smile.