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Chelsea Canepa and Eric Huynh

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Date of Proposal: June 11, 2019

Was it coincidence? Fate? The way it was supposed to be all along? Ask Chelsea Canepa and Eric Huynh.

In December 2014, Eric had a fraternity dance at Harrah’s hotel in South Lake Tahoe. His date told him she couldn’t go last minute, so he went solo. His fraternity brother brought Chelsea as a friend. Chelsea and Eric met and instantly had a connection. As they returned to San Jose State, Eric wanted to see Chelsea again. He went to her sorority house and convinced her to go on a date. They talked for hours over dinner at The Counter in Santana Row; the rest is history!

For their first international trip together, Eric and Chelsea went to Thailand. One evening, Eric told Chelsea he wanted to capture some pictures at sunset. They were walking on the beach, taking photos when Eric told Chelsea, “Look over there, it’s a monkey!” Chelsea turned around and when she looked back, he was on one knee! She immediately started crying and said “Yes!”

Eric and Chelsea have maintained a long-distance relationship as he pursues his physical therapy degree. “Soon after we got engaged, Eric traveled to New York for school. A majority of our engagement continues to be from a distance! It has been hard at times but built us into a stronger couple,” she relates.   

Chelsea and Eric have set their wedding date for July 24, 2021. “It’s important for us to celebrate with our family and friends. Plus, we are going to have the wedding in Lake Tahoe, not far from where we first met. Lake Tahoe has always had a special place in our hearts!” 

Planning has been challenging. For the most part, Eric has been living in New York completing his physical therapy program while Chelsea has been teaching in her hometown in California. “Most planning in the beginning was over Facetime and calling until recently with COVID. Luckily, Eric made it back to California so we could quarantine together. Quarantine allowed us more time to plan together.

“We are both so excited for that first moment when our eyes meet as I walk down the aisle. We are also looking forward to having our loved ones there to celebrate with us. Lastly, we love to dance, so we can’t wait to tear it up on the dance floor!”

As the wedding date nears, Chelsea shares her favorite thing about her fiancé: “It’s his heart.” Eric revealed his favorite thing about her: “Her consistent love for people.”