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Bret Sample and Brooke Martin

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She Said Yes: August 15, 2017

It’s the best of all worlds when best friends become more. That’s the story of Brooke Martin and Bret Sample as they have followed the road from high school to engagement.

“We met in high school, when Bret was a junior and I was a sophomore,” Brooke recalls. “We quickly became each other’s best friend. We have managed to make it through some hard times, and after many long-distance stints, we are finally getting married and starting our forever adventure!”

It was a very scenic spot for a proposal on a beautiful August day. “Bret proposed on the top of Nevada Falls in Yosemite National Park,” Brooke smiles. “It was a total surprise! My dad was with us and luckily captured the experience. It was a moment we will never forget!”

Brooke and Bret have been together for 11 years. “We are high school sweethearts!” she laughs. “That term is fading away these days, so we are proud of the relationship we have built over the years.”

The couple has set August 3, 2019, for their wedding day. “We want to make sure we spend moments together and really take it all in, and have a blast with our family and friends,” the couple shares. The special day will include both of Brooke’s fathers walking her down the aisle. “And our adventurous guests can camp in the apple orchard at the venue!”