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Bailey Silveira and Travis Vander Molen

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Date of Proposal: August 4, 2019

Family and friends often say about a couple, “They’ve known each other forever!” That’s certainly true for Bailey Silveira and Travis Vander Molen.

“We have known each other for as long as we can remember,” smiles Bailey. “We grew up in the same community and have attended the same church, Escalon Christian Reformed Church, since we were born. We also attended Ripon Christian School from kindergarten through high school. We started dating during our senior year of high school in 2016. Travis had been pursuing me since our junior year and we finally made it official on March 15, 2016.” 

Travis enlisted help from his family for his proposal on August 4, 2019. “That morning, Travis asked me to go out to dinner to celebrate the completion of our summer classes,” she remembers. “While we were at dinner, his mom and sister set everything up for his proposal. When we got back, he said there was something in the mailbox for me and he would be waiting at the end of the driveway when I was done. In the mailbox was a letter with instructions. I have a long driveway, and along the fence posts he had ten picture frames spread out with photos of us in each one along with a letter. The ten letters included ten promises he was making to fulfill as my husband. When I got to the last one, he was waiting for me, said some more sweet words, then knelt and asked me to marry him! His mom and sister had been hiding and photographed everything. Shortly afterward, our families came storming out of the house and surprised us with a little party to celebrate!” 

To Bailey, it’s unique that they share so many memories of each other long before they started dating. “Because we grew up together, we share many important people and have so many people who love and encourage us,” she shares. “We also successfully survived almost four years of distance throughout college. I attend school in Phoenix, Arizona, and Travis plays baseball at a college in Santa Barbara, California. We’ve been apart much of our relationship and we’re looking forward to getting married so that we can finally be together.” 

The couple have set a wedding date of June 6, 2020. “Being surrounded by our family and friends who have helped raise us and love us throughout the years is very important for our wedding day,” they agree. “We want our wedding to reflect the love of Christ and be a testimony of His faithfulness. We have been so blessed by the support and love through this season of life.” 

Bailey and Travis will be married in the church they were baptized in and grew up in. “We grew our faith alongside each other at Escalon Christian Reformed Church,” Bailey notes. “It’s also the same church where Travis’s grandparents, Ed and Anna Jean Prins, and his parents, Mike and Julie Vander Molen, were married. This rich family history is so special to us.”