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Abigail Lewis and Kyle Raggio

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Date of Proposal: February 12, 2019

When Abigail Lewis and Kyle Raggio met in high school, they became fast friends, the best foundation for a long-lasting relationship.

Kyle tapped into all the memories he and Abigail have together. “He drove me around remembering all the great times we have had,” she reminisces. “It was close to 9:00 at night; he stopped at a park and we walked around. It started to rain as we stopped under a lamppost, where he got down on one knee.” 

Abigail and Kyle are polar opposites when it comes to personality, but they balance each other without either needing to ask. “When one of us is on edge, the other calms them down,” she smiles. “When one is anxious, the other takes charge. I think it is because we started as best friends and we weren’t afraid to talk about anything so he knows me so well.” 

The couple has set their wedding date for October 17, 2020.  “We really just want our wedding to reflect our personalities and be a special moment for our close family and friends,” they agree. In a unique twist, they are having a brunch wedding, so instead of a cocktail hour they will have a coffee hour.