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Tiffany Gomes: Always Looking to the Future

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The road to success wasn’t paved in a day for Tiffany Gomes, president and owner of Classic Design Interiors in Lodi. The road was rocky; the path was at times unclear and unpredictable. Unsure of what the future held for her employer as she witnessed several corporate buy-outs, Tiffany grew tired of the unknown and changed course for herself and several employees who had worked alongside her. Classic Design Interiors was founded by Tiffany as she took control of her career and navigated her own road into business ownership. 

Tiffany had started working for Walters Carpet in the late 1980s as a temporary receptionist. Her work ethic was recognized as she further advanced her career and by 2006, she was senior operations manager. “The corporate buy-outs were exhausting; the climate of uncertainty for me and several employees was constant. The final push to start my own business came when the company was purchased by a larger corporation with plans to move to a facility in Lathrop,” shared Tiffany. She and most of her employees and installers loved living and working in Lodi and Tiffany was confident they could fill a niche in the community. “I spoke with Mr. Walters, who owned the building, and worked out a lease. We started with five employees and I have never looked back,” Tiffany said proudly. 

Stepping Out in Faith
With commercial and residential divisions, Classic Design Interiors offers clients everything they need from a large kitchen remodel project to updated flooring and window treatments. As a general contractor, Tiffany and her team stand by their tagline Effortless Home Improvement™. Offering design services throughout the project including decor, accessories and lighting, Classic Design Interiors can work with clients to see the job to its completion. “Because we are a general contractor, our clients don’t have to call anyone else to finish a job. For example, if baseboards need to be replaced or lowered after new flooring is installed or if doors don’t close, we can complete the project with attention to detail and leave our clients with a truly finished product,” she continued. 

Classic Design Interiors joined the Abbey Flooring Group a year ago, providing clients with the largest range of flooring options from Sacramento to Modesto. “We have been excited about joining the Abbey Flooring Group. The partnership gives us an advantage with our pricing and we can beat quotes from other big box retailers in our community,” explained Tiffany. 

For years, Tiffany had moved away from commercial builders to focus on the retail side of the business. Even though she had advanced her career on the commercial side of the business, working with large home builders throughout the Central Valley and the Bay Area, she had shifted her focus to retail. 

A Familiar Direction
After 12 years of growing the retail business, Tiffany was motivated to get back into the commercial side. “It was like a homecoming for me. The commercial side of the business is second nature and I enjoyed the relationships I had developed over the years,” Tiffany admitted. She and her team are currently operating design centers for subdivisions from Plumas Lake to Soledad. “In new construction, the guidelines for every county are different. The challenges of new construction were in front of me, and I knew I could move forward because I had the support of my husband and my team,” she reflected. 

While Tiffany shifts her focus of the business to commercial builders, her husband, Ron Lynch, leads the team on the retail side. As the general manager of Classic Design Interiors, Ron plays an integral role in keeping the business on track. “Ron is patient and a good listener. His personality is better suited for our retail clients than mine,” laughed Tiffany. She credits Ron for working with the retail team toward a reputation of excellent customer service. “Working with a spouse is challenging, but we have good, open lines of communication and I know that Ron always has my back and the best interest of the company at heart,” revealed Tiffany. 

Recognizing Teamwork
She also credits her employees for the continued growth of her company. “We have some installers that have been working with us since the 1980s,” commented Tiffany. One of her designers, Gwen Borges, joined the team 11 years ago. “I was committed to giving myself and the people I worked with some stability after not knowing for years what was next or where the company was headed.” Tiffany’s son, Jared Gomes, recently graduated from Arizona State University and has joined the family business as the production manager. 

Recent shifts in the economy with COVID-19 have called for shifts in how Tiffany and Ron conduct business. “We feel blessed that our services remained essential. The diversification of our business model has helped us to continue to move forward,” stressed Tiffany. Following the CDC guidelines and being respectful to their clients remains a high priority for the team at Classic Design Interiors. Offering virtual design consultations is new for her team as they remain committed to serving the community with the highest of standards. Tiffany remains hopeful and focused toward finishing the year with a strong fourth quarter. 

When Tiffany and Ron aren’t working, they make plans of their own for a new home build in Clements. “We bought a lot just shy of three acres that has the most amazing views!” she said, smiling. They continue to make plans for the lot and spend time enjoying the quiet while walking the land. 

I have had the pleasure of working with Tiffany on the advertising side of her business since 2011. When I was just starting out, she returned my cold call and scheduled a meeting with me. I shared my vision of HERLIFE Magazine with Tiffany, she listened and at the end of my pitch, she said yes. Not only did she say yes, she invited me to a girls’ night out fundraiser she was hosting in her showroom. She encouraged me to set up a booth, collect emails and hand out magazines. I walked out of the meeting with more than a sale and I am honored to share her story nine years after our first encounter. She is a leader in our community and a pillar of strength to so many. From temporary receptionist to president and owner, Tiffany’s career is a testament to hard work, dedication and vision.

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